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Work experience

Dec 2013Jun 2015

Sales Manager

Audi BNQ
Aug 2011Nov 2013

Sales Manager

Skoda Chen Chung


Sep 2002Jan 2003

Master of Arts but no degree

Peking University


I am glad to introduce myself for the openings of the Training Manager. With seven years of experience I have in sales management and sales training, it is believed that my ability will perfectly match the job offer. In leading my sales teams, 2010-2013 in Skoda and 2013-2015 in Audi, I made my best efforts to improve their personal communication skill and efficiency with the potential consumers. The experience also enables me to be a quick problem solver, an effective communicator, and a strategic thinker. I would say I am quite good at understanding people and I really enjoy my job.

As a sales manager for 4 years and more, I have developed multiple training programs to assist our salespersons to get the team target achieved. I have practicable manners for them to make effective day plans, weekly plans, monthly plans and long-term plans to reach their own goals and to fulfill the organization’s objectives. In fact, some of them have almost none experience in sales. With our training, however, they were well equipped for their job and turned to be successful salespersons, who can accomplish one’s cases all by themselves. In sales training, my key point is “effective”. My fellows are requested to get effective information about products and customers, to do effective analysis of the variable situations, to make effective communication with potential consumers and the key man involved, and finally to complete a win-win deal.

        After all, I am quite familiar with Audi products and have faith in its volume of 10,000 in Taiwan in year 2017. What we need now are more ambitious marketing projects and a large number of well-prepared salespersons at the front. If you are interested in more opinions about that, I would appreciate if you honor me with an interview. Thanks a lot for your precious time.