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As a member of Samford University's class of 2016 Doctor of Pharmacy
program I am eager to find a job in Nuclear Pharmacy. I have worked 384
practical hours and completed 200 classroom hours towards my Authorize
User. I bring to the table 9 years of business experience with a focus on
inventory, delivery and personnel management. I look forward to using
those skills as well as those learned during my externship's to be an
efficient, effective and safe member of a nuclear pharmacy team.

Work History

June 2016Current

Floating Nuclear Pharmacist

Pet Net Solutions a Siemens owned company

Formulating and Dispensing FDG and NaF

Performing Quality control testing on FDG and NaF

Writing quality reports to stay within proper cGMP guidelines as well as keeping up good cGMP practices thought the production cycle

Operating an Explora box and a cyclotron thru using software

Basic troubleshooting of an Explora box

Preparing doses for shipping by filling out bills of Lading for measuring activity of shipping containers

Mar 2009Jul 2012

General Manager

Bayshore Billiards

I never had a year where I did not increase the net income when compared to the year before.  I did this by;

Hiring and motivating a great team of bartenders, setting expenses to be within budget, and adjusting costs of products to be both profitable and competitive.

Balancing loss prevention, bar safety and security with customer satisfaction and enjoyment.

Managing various vendor and entertainment accounts, managing a last in last out inventory of perishable goods, and keeping all equipment in good, safe and working order.

Keeping daily operations in line with regulations for various government agencies such as the OSHA, the board of health and ATF.

May 2001May 2005

Warehouse Manager

Gulf Coast Lighting and Decor

I kept a warehouse well organized and efficient as well as maintaining several "mini" warehouses at clients sites.  To do this I had to;

Keep a well organized warehouse using last in first out inventory.

Communicate changing in inventory numbers from changing suppliers to other employees

Hire, train and set pay within budget for several part time workers

Deliver products to clients and organize deliveries by others to clients

I also assisted other departments when they're were personnel shortages


Aug 2012May 2016

Doctor of Pharmacy

Samford University's McWhorter School of Pharmacy

A comprehensive degree with that gives experience, knowledge and expertise in the field of pharmacy preparing me to be a life long learner eager to advance the field of pharmacy.  

Aug 2002Dec 2005

Criminal Forensic Science

Florida Gulf Coast University

A good base of scientific understanding with a focus on understanding how a situation got to the point it is currently at through psychological, physical, chemical and biological reconstruction

Pharmacy License

Florida Pharmacy License PS 55659

Nuclear Florida Pharmacy License NP 458

Tennessee Pharmacy License application in progress, should be complete by 04/07/17

Alabama Pharmacy License is in progress, MPJE remaining.


  • Cardinal Health Nuclear
    • 10 week Externship
    • Drawing Doses, for 5 of the 10 weeks I drew doses every day
    • Education on making kits and eluting generators
    • Quality Control, performed quality control daily for 5 of the 10 weeks
    • Customer Service by working with clients to make sure they got the correct dose at the correct time
    • Inventory Audit of all non-radioactive materials.
  • Saint Vincent’s Hospital
    • 5 week Externship
    • Educated patients on the proper use of Warfarin before leaving the hospital to reduce readmission rates.
    • Completed daily monitoring of two floors for IV to PO medication changes, proper renal dosing, antibiotic stewardship, opioid safety, and drug drug interactions.
  • Saint Vincent’s Hospital East
    • 5 week Externship
    • Completed daily monitoring of IV to PO medication changes and renal dosing for entire hospital.
    • Completed daily IMPCACT education to educate CHF, AMI, Pneumonia and COPD patients about their medication, its proper use to lower hospital readmission rates.
    • Researched questions asked by the Medical Doctors of the hospital to assist in guideline based care.
    • Assisted in updating the CAP, HCAP, HAP and VAP guidelines assisting in the hospital treatment of pneumonia patients.
  • CVS
    • 5 week Externship
    • Counseled patients on the proper use of prescription medication
    • Called patients to remind them of upcoming refills to help increase adherence
    • Called doctor offices to help fix problems with patient insurance, such as request prior authorizations
    • Manage daily inventory, as well as conduct an audit for expired medications
    • Located and destroyed records that no longer needed to be kept
    • Prepared prescription in a safe manner with in established protocol
  • Baptist Health Centers of Hoover
    • 5 week Externship
    • Counseled patients on the use of warfarin and other anticoagulants
    • Performed INR tests on patients
    • Administered vaccinations
    • Completed prior authorization requests for patients
  • Poison Control Center
    • 5 week Externship
    • Teaching elementary children OTC medication safety
    • Wrote an article on Digoxin toxicity and published it in the poison control newsletter
    • Completed 2 week toxicology class working alongside M.D. students from UAB
  • VA psychiatric
    • 5 week Externship
    • Extensive medication management with the emphasis on reduction of side effects and minimizing drug drug interactions
    • Conducting patient interviews to asses effectiveness of medication
    • Providing patient education on anti psychotics, antidepressants, and hypnotics
    • Assisted in teaching drug abuse classes


    • Seale Harris Clinic
      • Assisted in Patent consoling
      • Completed project on inventory management and loss prevention
      • Safely prepared prescriptions using appropriate protocols
    • Publix Pharmacy
      • Inventory audit for expired medication
      • Safely prepared prescriptions using appropriate protocols
      • Gave great customer service at the drive thru
    • Talladega Baptist Hospital
      • Assisted Emergency Department in medical reconciliation
      • Assisted with day to day inventory management
    • CVS
      • Gave flu shots and other vaccines
      • Assisted customers in finding the right medication for them


Sep 2013Present

APhA Pharmacy-Based Immunization Delivery


Focusing on the knowledge and skills associated with vaccine information and administration

PCOA Scores

Pharmacy Curriculum Outcomes Assessment is a test to rank students in percentile against other students of their class's year across the country.  

I scored noticeably higher than most in my class year (2016)

Below are the 4 categories and my results

Basic Social/Behavioral/Administrative Pharmacy Sciences 97th Percentile

Pharmaceutical Sciences 90th percentile

Bio-medical Sciences 80th Percentile

Clinical Sciences 71th percentile


Try new and interesting foods

Creative Writing

Reading fantasy, alternate history and satire

Game night with friends

Contemporary issues