• Concerned with the state of the environment
  • Proficient in GIS
  • Understand fundamental Geodatabase design requirements
  • Organized in work ethic yet flexible for the company's needs
  • Reliable and determined in all facets of workmanship


To gain professional experience in GIS while working to help with environmental issues and to learn the applications of what I have studied, and continue to study, to real world settings. 



Towson University

Aug 2013 - Present
Junior in Geography and Environmental Planning 

Minor in GIS

Relevant courses:                                                                                                               

GEOG 101: Physical Geography

GEOG 102: World Regional Geography

GEOG 109: Intro to Human Geography

GEOG 221: Interpretation of Maps

GEOG 232: Intro to GIS

GEOG 323: Cartography & Graphics I

GEOG 357: Cultural Geography

GEOG 375: Quantitative Methods in Geography

GEOG 431: Geography of Africa

GEOG 474: GIS Database Design

GEOG 481: Environmental Impact Analysis

ITEC 201: Metropolitan IT Infrastructure

Work experience

Work experience

Summer Camp Counselor 

Jun 2009 - Aug 2014
Barrie day camp

Senior, Junior and Volunteer Counselor for 2 summers each

Barrie Day Camp Office

13500 Layhill Road, Silver Spring, MD 20906

(301) 576 2800