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Work experience

Mar 2004May 2004

Web Designer

ICT Trade Co.



  • Table Tennis
  • Ten Pin Bowling
  • Outdoor Activity
  • Computer Association


16, I had a chance to studying in Australia. I was studying in Ivanhoe Grammar High School. It was a huge suprise to me, I saw a majority of new stuff out there. Since Australia is a multicultural country, that gave me chances to contact with people come from different countries. I realized it's just a step away between a country and the others.

Three years later, I drop my student life in Australia because of the impact of world economy. I can see how hard they earn every single penny, even though the spending is still affordable. So I decided to help his business in China and back to Taiwan. I served in the army service afterward. Many people said being a soldier is wasting your time, but I had an opposite view by that. During that time, I tried many administrative works, such as HumanResource, financial, and weapon management. Moreover, I was being a corporal who has to take care of the whole company by turns. This gave me the chance to learn the way of handling different situations.

Worked in ICT  Trade Company afterward, I was in charge of web pages and handle all the information related problems. My boss is an Iranian, it was an impressive experience to work with a foreigner. I can see the potential of trading skill inside my boss, but lack of management. I realized to get a better degree will be helpful. Therefore I went to cram school and intended to get into the school NTUST.

At present, I am a student of NTUST who major in Computer Science and Information Engineering. There are many fascinating subjects like Programming, Data structure, algorithms and etc. Guess these study experiences will help me in the future work.

I am going to graduate from NTUST this June, and ready for the new challenges. Hope to work in the company would make me growing up in different ways. To learn the responsibility, attitude of dealing things with partners or customers. Also, hope these experiences would push me to the higher position, and handle different type of difficulties in few years.


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