Thipok Lertplakorn

  • 39221 Woodward Avenue, Bloomfield Hills MI, 248-525-9812


2011 - 2012

High School

St. John's Preparatory School, MN

Weighted GPA (Unweighted) :

Freshman Year - 4.00 (4.00)

2012 - 2015

High School

Cranbrook Kingswood, MI

Weighted GPA (Unweighted):

Sophomore Year - 4.25 (4.00)

Junior Year            - 4.50 (4.00)

2015 - 2019


Cornell University

Will be attending next academic year

Work experience

Work experience
Jul 2014 - Aug 2014

Intern Analyst

Krungsri Asset Management, Bangkok, Thailand

My role within the firm was to research mutual funds and equities

Extracurricular Activities

2013 - 2015

Residential Advisor for Dormatory

My task as a Residential Advisor is to promote peace and friendship within the Cranbrook dorm community while performing various dorm-related duties.
2012 - 2015

Trader in the Stock Exchange of Thailand

75% Growth in 3 years
Make annual donation (30% of gains) to Wat Phrabatnampu, a Thai foundation that helps STD patients. Recognized by Cranbrook's Newspaper.
2014 - 2015

Product Developer at Lemoneda Inc.

Co-developed Lemoneda, a school-exclusive social network start-up funded by Detroit Venture Partners. 
Lemoneda current has more than 500 users from Cranbrook and is planning to expand to DCD and IA
2012 - 2015

Founder and President of CK Aviation Club

 Led Aviation Club trips to Boeing field in Seattle and excursions to local air and space museums. I also sponsored a discovery flight on a Cessna 172.
2013 - 2015

President of Chess Club

 Chess Club holds weekly chess tournaments. During winter seasons, I lead a volunteer program at the Brookside School, teaching chess to third graders.
 Finished 3rd in the All the King's Men tournament
2013 - 2015

Cranbrook Golf Team

Runner-up of the 2013 Mustang open in Michigan
2012 - 2015

First chair viola in orchestra and string quartet 

Concertmaster for Bangkok International Strings Festival (violin). First division soloist and quartet in 2013 and 2014 District Solo Ensemble.
Proficient in both violin and viola 

Awards and Certifications


Cum Laude

Cum Laude inductee, awarded to top 10% of the class


American Association of Physics Teacher : Outstanding physics student of the year

AP Scholar

AP Scholar with honors


5th/222 in St. Cloud State Mathematics Competition