Thierry Bezier

Thierry Bezier

Work experience

Work experience
2006 - Present


Intruders TV

I created Intruders TV with Vincent Camara, an incredible adventure, with more than a 1000 content shoot around 10 countries, we created a network of 6 Web TV in different countries.

We provide inspiration and experience to entrepreneurs and to our audience.

Since May 2007 we broadcasted around 2 millions videos.

2007 - Present



Pro Blogger, I'm writting for 2 french blogs :

Neobe :A blog about Internet Security and all the challenges around the storage & security market.

Oyez :A communication agency with innovating concepts around the press industry and the web industry

Nov 2012 - Present



Changing this world

Jun 2008 - Oct 2012

Head of Digital

Jan 2005 - Nov 2006

Project Manager

Blue Pond Associates - CPU GROUP - DENTSU

Project manager I was leading a team of designers and developpers for several web projects, including websites, social networks, marketing research, foreign intel and even tv commercial films production...

This have been the greatest professionnal experience of my life, I have launched web 2.0 social networks in japan, worked on international ads campaign for Panasonic, Nintendo, and more...

2002 - 2004

Web Art Director


I was responsible of all the communication for this group in Europe, I developped several cdroms for trade fair shows and providers. I also directed the complete graphical archives online and offline of their products. Those strategies have been successful for the company.

I quit cause the company was too small to sponsor me for renewing my working Visa

2001 - 2002



My own web agency, I had one employe, I learnt a lot through this experience, I created a CMS and I was making websites for local companies.

I closed the companies due to the fact that because of the Afghanistan conflict I lost many of my clients (that were working with the Usa) I preferred to closed the company with no debt than to sell with no profits...

1999 - 2000

DTP operator / internet assistant


At first I was an Internet assistant, my job was to create simple web page for the oneline store, I was also creating with 4D some web templates.

Then I was asked to work at the DTP department and I learnt a lot about the print industry, at the end of my time at this company, I was even responsible of the quality of the magazine and was sent to Spain to look after the printing of more than 70 000 copies.

I quit this position, cause I was tired to be underpaid and treated like an intern, to replace me they hired 3 people...



High School Graduation

High School Mas de Tess

yep! I can speak fluent french, spanish, english; bad german and business japanese

1999 - Jul 2000


Canterbury University


CoFounder EveryOne.

J'étais le co fondateur de Intruders TV, la première Web TV international sur l'Industrie de l'Internet.

Consultant en stratégie Internet et problogger, je m'intéresse à tous les sujets de l'internet nouveaux, mais aussi technologiques tels que la high tech ou encore l'industrie du Jeux Vidéo.

À; la recherche perpétuelle de nouveaux défis dans "l'évangélisation", le conseil ou encore la direction de projets web je suis toujours à la recherche de nouvelles aventures professionnelles !Polyvalent, j'ai travaillé en agence, freelance, chef de projet à l'international, je suis capable de tout comme en particulier changer votre monde.

I'm the cofounder of Intruders TV, the first international Web TV about the Internet industry. Internet strategy consultant and pro-blogger, I'm interested in any kind of topic about the new internet, but also in technologies such high tech or the video game industry.

I have always been looking for new challenges in evangelism, consulting, or even web project management, I'm looking for new professionnal adventures !


- Traveling- Photography- Video games- Web- 3D


Mar 2005 - Present

Adobe Photoshop 7.0