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Personal Profile

  • A highly motivated Business undergraduate who has background in Financial Management.
  • Experience in Project initialization and management. Proven ability to achieve set goals.
  • Aspired to work in business data analytic and strategy development.


Nov 2013Present

Logistics Assistant (Part-time job)

Transval Fast Oy
  • Transval is an in-house logistics outsourcing company
  • The team works in Primula is responsible for bread shipping from the warehouse to different regions in Finland
  • Tasks include: Assisting in warehouse unloading/loading of inbound/outbound shipments; training new employees; verify required inbound/outbound paperwork with drivers, ensuring that all product orders is properly fulfilled
Jul 2014Nov 2015

Producer and Project Manager

Live show October Beatz 2014 and 2015
  • Organize the first ticket-selling musical concert made by international students in Helsinki, with closest to professional quality as possible.
  • Successfully develop a project model for future operation.
  • Team management: Attracted 40-50 participants from various backgrounds into different departments from Performing to Marketing, Talent management...; Encourage cross-training and train top managing positions.
  • Project quality assurance: Took part in musical training process as well as organizing meetings; follow-up in specific tasks and supervise participants.
  • Relationship management: Contracted and maintained high satisfaction relationship with Gloria stage and Nuorisostalo; Deeply took part in negotiating with Gloria and grants from Nuorisostalo.
  • Result: Attracted more than 250 audiences from all over Finland with highly satisfied feedback. Started the trend for other ticket-selling events from Vietnamese and international student community events.
  • October Beatz 2015 is the improved version of the last year event. With more than 50 participants and an audience of 350 people on-site.


Sep 2011Dec 2015

Bachelor Degree in International Business

Arcada University of Applied Science
  • Minor in Financial Management
  • Logistics, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Economics, Statistics and Information System.
  • Grade point average (GPA) 4.3/5
Sep 2012Jul 2013

Double Degree in International Business

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
  • Marketing, Business Laws, Finance, Economics, Cultural Diversity, International Trade, Financial and Management Accounting and other business-related courses.
Sept 2016Present

Master Degree in Business Strategy

Aalto University
  • Start in September 2016
  • Degree Content: Management consulting and business development

Other experience

Jul 2014Present

Social Association President

Music For Friends
  • Music for Friends is a social association consisting of more than 250 members with 50 weekly active members
  • Tasks as a President: Vision and strategy development, Talent management, Managing operation of weekly activity, event management.
  • During 12 months management, the association went from a friend-based club to a musical club that is popular to Vietnamese and international communities, performing for several events and concert and establish connection with several business partners in Helsinki including Colorful Espoo and Helsinki Nuorisostalo.
Mar 2014Jul 2014


Muri Muri - gaming app
  • Developing a casual-genre game for Android/iOS. Team consists of 3 members.
  • Responsibilities: Strategies developing and implementing, Product Placement, Market Research.


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Music
  • Reading