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Willing to have a better understanding of nowadays's world, I first studied economics and sales techniques. My passion for computer science led me to IT classes where I got the fundamentals about systems, databases and programming.
After a first job as web Developer I decided to stay in Czech Republic and started working in IBM as Batch & Application Administrator level 2.
After two years, I was promoted to the third level, and was solving more complex issues on production or implementing new solutions.
From July 2015, I started running a business with a partner. We aimed to build an multicultural cafe, being as well a club during the week ends. Due to some financial and personal issues, we closed down in May 2016 and I continued working in IBM. By developing scripts and automation, I help to reduce the recurrent workload or improve the implementation of changes.
I enjoy doing various kind of jobs because it gives me the opportunity to make new experiences and combine it with the previous ones. I am a serious worker, self-learner and always appreciate new challenges.
Team-working with people from different cultures is something that I like, but I have no problems working autonomously. Jobs which need some creativity and innovative ideas are very interesting to me.

Work History


Application administrator level 3

IBM Brno, Czech Republic

Focal point for one of our major customer, I was troubleshooting and solving issues on a wide range of applications running on UNIX or Windows : ETL, Dollar Universe, CODA, etc...

Beside of the BAU tasks as implementing changes and resolving incidents, I was leading RCA (Root Causes Analysis) to find solution and avoid recurrent tickets. According to the result or the investigation I was proposing to the customer some workaround or new solutions.
In order to make skill transfer more easy toward newcomers, I provided them trainings and improved our technical documentation.
Working as developer, I was writing scripts to automatize the time-consuming or recurrent tasks.


Co Founder/Owner

Fischer&Hairion.s.r.o / Overtime

From July 2015 my associate and I decided to opened a new cafe/club, this is how we started our own business and opened Overtime.
The concept was to create an multicultural and event place, a meeting point for foreigners. We were organizing weekly various kind of events : Movies and poker nights, languages meetings, pub quiz, theatre, concerts, parties...
During the week-ends the pub was switching to a club and we hosted various kind of music and projects, sometimes artists from abroad.

We closed down in May 2016 due to some financial and personal issues.
Working for my own was a great experience and I learned various things : from the company management to the communication and organization of events.


Batch And application Administrator Level 2


Our job consists in managing the customer's production which must be running 24/7. We are dealing with issues impacting directly the business of the client. We are use to work with strict security policies in order to protect highly sensitive data of multinational companies as banks, retailers and industry services providers.
A Part of our job is the batch scheduling on TWS or Dollar Universe. While working on changes, we update the batch plan, and when working on incidents, we troubleshoot and proceed to batch recovery. Beside of scheduling operations, we are also responsible of the application maintenance. We perform installations, configurations, upgrades on Unix or Windows servers.


Web Developer

Delalande s.r.o

Conception and development of a web application helping students and teachers to communicate and exchange. Teachers uploads documents on the platform and students can share knowledge, work together and ask questions on the "class wall". Students can access a dashboard where they can check their marks, see their classes on a calendar.
I worked on the project from scratch : from the conception of a new database to the designing of the front-end in cooperation with a web-designer. I was mostly developing in PHP, JavaScript and HTML 5.



Bachelor's Degree Information Technology, General IT

IUT Robert Schumann Strasbourg

DUT sales techniques

IUT Robert Schumann Strasbourg


Climbing, slackline, yoga, travelling, cooking