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Expertise in engineering and development of distributed systems with multiple and distinct integrations. Relevant experience in solutions for data pipeline and building systems backends with high degree of automation, scalability and resilience. 

Currently working in projects on Azure cloud platform that integrate some Azure PaaS services with IaaS Cloudera Hadoop deployment for IoT/Smart Ciites use cases.

Using Bigdata technologies in conjuncture with Lambda and Kappa architectural patterns.  Development and deploy of Hadoop ecosystem (HDFS and Kudu as storage backends), Cassandra as NOSQL low latency storage, RabbitMQ as middleware for services orchestration and Kafka as middleware for Data. Building integration with layers of API, in order to provide a platform to become agile and simple the process of generating value for institution through data mining, CEP, Machine Leaning and other business visions.

Personal Information

Born in Campinas, single and childless. Adept at physical activities (gym and football), performed weekly. Always looking to learn new things, and passionate about the big data subject and its most diverse applications.

I like to stay connected and celebrate with people, being part of the team and sharing culture is essential to success.


Mai 2016 - Jul 2017

Master of Bussines Administrador


MBA in Big Data - Data Science

Jan 2013Dec 2014

Certificate advanced module

Uptime Comunicação em Ingles

English language course

Jan 2008Dec 2011

Bachelor degree


Systems Analyst

Work History

Aprl 2017 - Currently

Senior Bigdata & IoT Architect


Main responsibilities:

  • 2017 - Currently --  Bigdata architect leader, disseminating knowledge with partners and internally, survey and design of many proposals for bigdata projects with different levels of integrations. Also working on Hadoop installation projects as in the design of data pipelines both on-premises and cloud. 
    • Deployed Hadoop instalation and data pipeline for IoT and Smart City on Granada Spain in an optimization project for garbage collection routes, using Flume/Hive to ingest and Spark with R to process data and run  predictive models
    • Creation of IoT Eugenio (Logicalis) platform on Azure, performing the installation and configuration of Nifi and Hadoop enviroment, as well as the building of data pipeline to collect and process  IoT data on the platform
    • Design and construction of Data Lake Corporate solution for biggest Telecom customer in Brasil , definition of governance standards, audit and data lineage.
      Construction of components for ingestion, processing and extraction of data using Hadoop ecosystem Cloudera
Feb 2012Mar 2017

Senior Systems Analyst / Systems Engineer


Main responsibilities:

  • 2015 - 2017 -- Solution design and development of Itau Data Warehouse project to data transfer, extraction and load between Teradata platform and Hadoop, with historical control and governance of automated data models. IDP / ICCD project , testing , build and deploy of Technologies/applications, such as Cassandra, MOM (ActiveMQ), Python and Hadoop. Project structured in Cloud architecture tied to concepts of Lambda and Kappa for attendance and conception of data views for real-time Analitics, machine learning, CEP, geolocation, CRM, customer view 720 ° and others.
  • 2014 -- Development of structured/ half-structured charging and quality engines of files / tables to BIGDATA environment (Hadoop), support and build of process improvements in the environment. Development of control engines using Shell Script with HIVE and MYSQL.
  • 2012-2013 -- Development of storage engines of structured information from the media (systems channels) Itau in mainframe plataform, governance projects and risk management, acting with partners for software development, testing and support the soluctions and head of information capture from Itau systems.
Sep 2011Jan 2012


M3 - M. Officer

Sales and relationship with the public, service sales. Developing interpersonal relationships and how to speak in public.

Mar 2010Sep 2010


IBM do Brasil

Support and Monitoring Control-M applications, remote software installations with customers

Main responsibilities:

  • Acting together the India team in monitoring the Control-M applications, acting on issues resolution and _ user support for installation and update new market tools.

Professional Timeline

  • 2010
    • IBM – Intern
      • Application support of Control-M software in the Shell service account
  • 2011
    • M.Officer – Sales
      • Sales and customer service
  • 2012
    • Itau-Unibanco - Junior Systems Analyst
      • FLUIR – (Data Ingestion and Modeling (corporate data model))
  • 2013
    • Itau-Unibanco - Junior Systems Analyst
      • Highlight for high performance on 2012 
      • FLUIR – (Management Engine (Mainframe platform))
  • 2014
    • Itau-Unibanco - Junior Systems Analyst
      • DMT – Data Management Transformation
      • Data pipeline using Hadoop and Teradata
  • 2015
    • Itau-Unibanco - Regular Systems Analyst
      • Promotion for high performance on 2014
      • DMT – Projeto IDW using Hadoop as data lake
      • Position Change - Regular Systems Engineer
      • Project Itau Data Plataform
      • Project Itau Custumer Centricit Data
  • 2016-2017
    • Itau-Unibanco - Senior Systems Engennier
    • Promotion for high performance on the 2016 
    • Project Itau Data Plataform
      • Project Itau Custumer Centricit Data
  • 2017
    • Logicalis
      • Eugenio Iot bigdata Plataform
      • Data lake for Telecom customer
      • Iot Project for Smart City Granada - Spain