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We are bringing an Economic Stimulus Program and New Reality Show called The VP Contest to Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the Midwest. It's very cool and in a nut shell it's 16 contestants competing against each other with 4 to 5 major companies’ products. Whoever sells the most or brings the most sponsors or attention to the show will qualify to earn a $100,000 job or $7,000 in cash and prizes, plus during the show we make commissions on our sales and marketing efforts. Are you a sales guru? Do you have a great product? Do you want more exposure for your Brand? Please send your products or Brand to us.

Can You Sell? Be a Contestant?

Sell my Products: We thought of you because maybe you have a product, or some clients that would want to be a Show Sponsor, Product Sponsor, or Master Show Sponsor on the show, and here is what you would get! 16 contestants selling their products all over the Midwest or the world”, local Midwest Marketing, and/or global marketing of your product. The VP Contest will be shown on TV with a local TV station.

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Are you a Great Sales Person?

Also if any of you would like to make some extra money-$$?? I can give you a Sales Rep referral number and you can make some extra income for yourselves. (It would help me get the show on a local network) But you should also think of being on the show yourselves.

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We would like to Feature your Company, Product, or Brand on our TV Show:

Imagine when people watch The VP Contest on local TV, your company, product or brand in front of every person featured on our show, your products, your website with our TV viewers. Imagine every salesperson having your organizer, or your software, or drinking your coffee, or driving your car, or calling on your phone model, or wearing your clothes. Imagine. This is all on TV every week, us featuring your products on TV. That’s what we did. The VP Contest!

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Some of our past products:

The products are New and some of them are very State-of-the-Art, or very future products.It’s all very fun and very cool.

My Business Funding Source- is a nationally recognized financial company serving our clients financing needs.

My Business Funding Source Website

CUBA Beverage Company - CUBA Herbal Energy Juice’s all natural fruit juices and naturally active plant micronutrients make it a refreshing choice for maintaining a balanced, active lifestyle.

Cuba Beverage Company

Bskinz Clothes, B-Active, B-You -isa small sports team apparel business, furnishing local teams with custom screened apparel. 

Bskinz Clothes Website

Free HR Services - for companies wanting to downsize their HR dept. or save money. Great Product.


Broadlook Technologies - has emerged as the leader in helping B2B sales, marketing, specialty information publishers, talent acquisition departments, professional recruiting and staffing turn the Internet into an optimal sources to generate leads, source talent, power marketing campaigns, develop business, drive revenues and grow. (Sales Leads in Real-Time)

Broadlook Technologies CORP WEBSITE:

The Contest:

So you think you can sell? Are you a marketing guru? A vibrant entrepreneur?

Self-employed, employed or us your stuff!

Earn and win a $100,000 a year VP Sales/Marketing position or $10,000 cash prize!

Next Productions presents it’s new reality TV program and sales contest, The VP Contest. The VP Contest and the Sales Contest are for ANYONE who thinks they can sell, market or be an entrepreneur..with experience or not!


Our two sales and marketing contests are based on 16 contestants competing to sell corporate sponsors products in an elimination setting to win the grand prize. All contestants will have the opportunity to earn thousands in other cash prizes, job interviews, sales bonuses, incentive trips AND the chance to get fame/publicity or be on TV. You can participate on a full or part time basis!

We will be in 26 different cities in the next 12 months and if you want to participate in this exciting program as a contestant please click on the link> The Cities were coming to: to find out more. If you are a company or the media and want to utilize a cost-effective and dynamic way to increase your sales, brand your company or products/services, please click here> Be a Sponsor for the VP Contest:

Next Production’s economic stimulus plan…putting America to work!

What we do:

The VP Contest and the Sales Contest are produced by NEXT Productions. NEXT Productions is a marketing consulting group, television production and business process outsourcing company headquartered in Los Angeles & San Diego , California.

Who we are:

We are a group of individuals from the recruiting, B2B outsourcing, television/entertainment and marketing industries who have combined resources to form this exciting new industry and venue. Ken Gora, PhD is the CEO of Next Productions and Producer of the VP Contest. The Judges click here> The Judges with The VP Contest

Why we do it:

The VP Contest and the Sales Contest were created for three reasons: to benefit people, companies and communities.

People: Currently in many major cities unemployment is at 7% to 11%. Our two contests give people an opportunity to win/earn a fantastic VP or Regional VP Sales/Marketing position, cash prizes, sales bonuses, interviews and chances for other sales and marketing positions.

Companies: Our contests provide a unique and cost -effective way for any size company to increase their sales, expand into new markets and receive extensive publicity and branding with the media.

Communities: By providing these two contests in major cities across America, Next Productions is fighting unemployment, creating jobs, helping companies grow and creating commerce and excitement in communities and cities.

At Next Productions, we focus on creating the future for your company and products. That's why we're NEXT.