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Located in Lisle, Illinois, The Plourdé Institute has led interdisciplinary weight loss treatments since 1991. The Institute began conducting scientific studies of contributing variables to weight gain and loss in an effort to more specifically predict personal weight-shedding capacities, thereby reducing patient frustrations and failures. Upon gathering substantial data regarding nutrition, exercise, metabolism, body composition, and eating behaviors, The Plourdé Institute developed calculable weight loss programs that helped clients set and attain feasible goals. Employing the assistance of an instrument called the BOD POD, The Plourdé Institute measures the weight of clients’ lean tissue and fat tissue. Lean tissue comprises bones, organs, connective tissue, and muscles, all of which fall into the category of weight that must be maintained. Fat tissue includes helpful fats such as intracranial fats which insulate neurons, as well as certain levels of fatty tissue that cushion the musculoskeletal system in instances of rough impact. Once the assessment of a client’s human body composition is completed, The Plourdé Institute provides statistics on what kind of results to expect. Weight loss ranges are calculated based on these measurements and indicate how much they should and can lose. On average, women who meet a particular set of criteria lose 63.6% of fat weight, while the average for men is 73.6%. For a visual depiction of 60% to more than 70% weight loss results, visit On the website’s Success Stories page, former clients display and describe the dramatic results they achieved through adhering to The Plourdé Institute’s customized weight loss diet and exercise regimens.

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Work experience
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