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Experienced Solutions Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the Computer Software industry. Skilled in Javascript, Google Cloud Platform, Databases, and MEAN Stack. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) focused in Computer Science from University of Benin.

Authored, managed and contributed to many open source project and currently involved in building web and mobile applications using angular 4, ionic and sailsjs


Programming Language

Java, Javascript, PHP, Typescript


MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, MongoDB, GAE Datastore, CouchDB


Heroku, GAE, Bluemix, AWS


Node.js, Angular.js, Sails.js, Maven, Spring, JQuery, React, IonicFramework, React-native, Webpack, Babel, Rollup


Android, IOS, Web, Desktop

Work experience

Apr 2017Oct 2017

Application Solution Consultant

Glosskode Technology Solution
  • Fullstack developer (Angular 4, SailsJs main stacks)
  • Setting up servers / continuouse integration
  • Representing for any meeting that has to do with IT consulting
Nov 2016Present


EEHub Nigeria

Web application, SPA and Hybrid Mobile Applications with Web Stacks

May 2016Mar 2017

Web Developer

SoftQuest Systems Limited
  • Web programming using Frontend (Javascript, angular framework, JQuery, UX/UI) and Backend (Java, PHP) technologies on Google App Engine cloud service. 
  • Dependencies management tooling (gulp and grunt)  and VCS.
  • Lead Programmer for EduManager V3 University Portal System 
Oct 2015Present

Web Developer

ZogiTech Solutions
  • Lead Web developer
  • Created an e-cooperative web application running locally (intranet) for the biggest cooperative FAGCOOP in Benin, Edo State, Nigeria. Still managing it via git for versioning.
Jan 2012Dec 2014

Systems Analyst/Brand Developer

L5 Ltd
  • Analyze, interpret and Illustrate software solutions.
  • Web development with PHP
  • Worked on OpenDay mobile application
  • Worked GPC Hospital Management Software

Jan 20102012

Web Developer

GHeli Tech. Solutions

 • Supervise branding tasks and projects
• Create project and brands illustrations and designs
• Analyze software programs and create templates
• Research and interpret business strategies
• Manage Portal (For colleges and polytechnics) and database , managing the Application program from analysis to testing.



Bachelor Of Science(B.Sc.), Computer Science, First Class

University Of Benin
  • Activities and Societies: Programming Team, ENACTUS, NACOSS, Science Exhibition Team
  • Built ComAssembler v1.0 is an Editor for writing and processinng asssembly Language Programs for newbies
  • Built QSolutions (Mobile App) like Yahoo Answers where student can share their View
  • s

Key Projects

Oct 2015Jan 2016


Zogitech Solutions

It is a micro-finance application used with in an organisation like a cooperative to manage varieties of functionalities done manually.

This application makes use of server and client side manipulation of data in order to ease to processing power in the client's side computer using the server resources. It gives an easy view of data where it could be manipulated, sorted, searched and paginated.

Currently in use in Uniben Faculty of Agriculture Staff Multi-purpose Cooperative Society Limited

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Mar 2017Mar 2017


Access Bank Re:Code Hackathon

Financial assistance chatbot, to help handle payment, balance, savings and loan information, monitors how you spend and save. if you need money or want to save, he's there to assist you with the registered bank plans.

Oct 2016Mar 2017

EduManager V3

SoftQuest Systems


In designing EduManager3.0, we leveraged the field experience of the last 6 years to create a product that Institutions will find mostly native to their operations.

We specifically focused on user experience, such that users regardless of computer skills level can easily adapt to using EduManager3.0 with little or no training at all. EduManager is backed by a solid organization, run by highly passionate, dedicated and talented people

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Sep 2014Nov 2014

OpenDay Mobile


Predict the future: This module enables parent predict future academic performance
Feedback: Allows parent contact teacher/school by chat or call to report or notify teacher about their findings about the child’s poor future academic performance outcome in order to get teacher to avert/prevent such unfavorable outcome from coming to pass.
News: Parent would be able to access school news.
Inbox: Parent would be able to access special, unique social information pertaining to his/her child.
Calendar: Parent would be able to access school calendar.

Play store



University Of Benin

A text editor to aid the testing and writing light weight assembly language codes, in other to aid the learning of assembly language programming.

It changed the way lecturer now teach the assembly language and students can now test and emmulate the source program with out it affecting the system hardware configurations, or any other system property. This software uses dosBox for emulating the code written in it

Using DosBox to run our assemblies code in it and Java for the application

Executable here

Open Source Projects

Nov 2016Nov 2016

Sharded Counters for App Engine Java


Added Auto Sharding Functionality.

A simple application that demonstrates two approaches to sharding counters.

To achieve higher throughput across different instances, counters should be sharded to avoid concurrency issues. This application performs this in two different ways:

  • Simple Sharding: Uses a constant to define the number of shards and randomly picks an index up to this number when incrementing the counter. Each shard is stored in the datastore using one of these indices as ID.
  • General Sharding: Stores the number of shards in the datastore and randomly picks an index up to this number when incrementing the counter. Each shard is stored in the datastore using one of these indices as ID, but also using a counter name as an ancestor.


  • A simple show and hide password directive with Angular - read more
  • Using Angular Route Guard For securing routes - read more
  • The right way to prefetch data for your angular components/pages - read more
  • GitLab Build and Deploy to a Server via SSH - read more 
  • Youtube page loader with Angular 4 new HTTPClient Interceptor - read more 
  • Youtube page loader with Angular 2+ Router Events - read more
  • Bitbucket pipeline + Shared Server(or Heroku) + Angular — Continuous Integration  - read more
  • Sails Backend for Angular2+ Auth - read more

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