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Work experience

Feb 2016Present

Senior Research Scientist- Professor Assistance (by project)

University of Peloponnese
Project "eliminating the obstacles to a multicultural society".
Aug 2015Present

Founding Member

European Association of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Aug 2015Present

Head Trainer, Supervisor

European Association of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Training, coaching & supervising trainees of psychodynamic psychotherapy (psychologists, mental health counsellors, sociologists, social workers) all over the world.
Mar 2015Present

Director of Studies, Trainer

Ψυχολογικό Κέντρο Χανίων - Psychological Center of Canea (
While Working as an educational consulant & DOS I help students prepare to make transitions in their education program - such as going from high school to college. I provide advice to guide students through admissions processes, filling out financial aid applications and . Working with special populations, such as ethnic minorities, international students, athletes, re-entering students and the disabled is an important element of the job.
Jun 2014Present

Course Leader & Educational Consultant

Ψυχολογικό Κέντρο Χανίων - Psychological Center of Canea (
Working as Course Leader I provide guided study sessions throughout the semester for the students enrolled in the course. The course leader facilitatse learning through collaborative activities that encourage critical thinking and prompt students to develop their understanding through application of the course concepts. The primary activities include: Participate in a two-day training workshop prior to the beginning of the semester Promote CL to the class during the first week of the semester and survey the students to establish the study session schedule Attend all class meetings of the selected course, take notes, do homework and read all assigned materials Conduct three 50-minute study sessions per week throughout the semester Complete necessary paperwork (attendance sheets, lesson plans, etc.) and submit for review at the end of every week Prepare for study sessions by developing lesson plans and activities during prep time (3 hours per week) Communicate regularly with the instructor about course content, assignments, and exam preparation and review Promote SI periodically to the class via in-class announcements, handouts, flyers, etc. Attend staff meetings bi-weekly throughout the semester Demonstrate a positive attitude and provide encouragement to students Know when and how to refer students to other campus resources that may assist them academically or socially Perform other duties as assigned

Managing Director of Student Recruitement and Retention

Ψυχολογικό Κέντρο Χανίων - Psychological Center of Canea (
Feb 2010Present

Psychotherapist in Private Practice

One-to-one Therapy, Group Therapy, Family Therapy, Couple Therapy, Personality Tests, Analytical Approach
Aug 2014Mar 2016

Deputy Project Manager

United Nations
• Leads, formulates, supervises and carries out the work programme of the Division under his/her responsibility. Co-ordinates the work carried out by different work units under the Division, including Regional and Country Offices in the field, and by other agencies and bodies of the United Nations system; provides programmatic/substantive reviews of the drafts prepared by others. • Co-ordinates and oversees the development and preparation of reports, including Common Humanitarian Action Plans and agreed policies and principles of humanitarian actions for presentation to intergovernmental bodies such as the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budget Questions, Committee for Programme Coordination, Economic and Social Council, the General Assembly and other policy-making organs, as appropriate. • Reports to intergovernmental bodies on budget/programme performance or on programmatic/substantive issues, as appropriate, particularly those presented in biannual and/or annual reports. • Facilitates provision of administrative support to the field. This includes overseeing the management of activities undertaken by the Division by directing efforts to provide improved field-based coordination and planning which involves leading and/or organizing contingency planning, fact-finding and needs assessment missions; leading, supervising and guiding the field-based inter-agency consultation and planning processes; promoting linkages with rehabilitation, humanitarian strategies and principles, common action plans and programme monitoring and evaluation; facilitating mobilization and coordination of support to OCHA field offices and UN Country Teams in complex emergencies and natural disasters around the world including advising, training, briefing and orientation; • Ensures that the outputs produced by the Division maintain high-quality standards; that reports are clear, objective and based on comprehensive data.
Aug 2014Mar 2016

Social Scientist

United Nations
* Participate in the substantive research analysing key trends and changes in youth-related issues at global, regional and national levels; assess implications and develop proposals with respect to social and economic policies and interventions for youth development; recommend proposals and actions related to youth development for inclusion in reports to intergovernmental bodies and member states. * Liaise and partner with other experts in the field, including governments, research institutes, academia, other international organizations, and NGOs, to discuss issues related to social development, in particular all areas of the World Programme of Action for Youth; exchange views on latest findings, policy guidelines, new models and approaches to youth development, and help ensure that lessons learned are disseminated and incorporated into development programmes and other initiatives. * Assist in the planning, organizing and substantive servicing of technical and ad hoc expert group meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops, including identification and selection of participants, development of background documentation, preparation of reports, documents, policy recommendations and analytical briefs based on the outcome of such meetings. * Assist in the chairpersonship and coordination of the Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development * Prepare a variety of studies, reports, background papers, parliamentary documentation, on a wide range of social development issues, especially youth development.


University of Cambridge

Department of Psychology

Part of my research during my Doctorate in Psychology

University of London,

Birkbeck College

Doctorate in Psychology