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Work experience

Senior Vice President

GeoGenCo, LLC

Responsible for all Engineering related aspects of Geothermal and Waste Heat Recovery power generation projects within the US and Internationally.


Engineering and F&A Former Concurrent Oil, Gas & Geothermal Operations

Had highest year over year profit growth for Strategic Marketing Group. VP Position)

Consulting Chemical Engineer

Former Concurrent Position

Daicel Safety Systems America Company
Employment Duration - 11 yrs
Location -  US and Japan
Consulting and Liaison Engineer between Japan/Europe/US and Oceana for energetic materials Basic R&D including: gas generators for automobile air bags and rocket propulsion.


Engineering and F&A Former Concurrent Former Concurrent Position

VP Position)
Novel Engineering Solutions
Employment Duration - 6 yrs
Location - Destin/Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Principal Engineer and Principal Investigator Small Business Innovative Research(SBIR) Program converting waste heat to electricity in order to replace thermal battery. Multi-year multi-million dollar project. Also responsible for F&A related activities for government contracts.

Adjunct Professor of Engineering

Engineering(Former Concurrent Position) Former Concurrent Position

Adjunct Professor of University of Florida
Employment Duration - 2 yrs
Location - Florida
Functioned as liaison(via Intergovernmental Personnel Act through the International Office of the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research) between US and International Universities, Research Laboratories and Private Industry in identification, funding and transfer of technologies of interest to the US.

Associate Principal Engineer

Jacobs Engineering

Employment Duration - 8 yrs
Location - Worldwide
Energetic Materials Engineering, Research, Development, Sensitivity, Performance Testing and Integration.  Technical/Programmatic liaison between U.S. Government, Japanese Government and Private Industry for International Cooperative Research and Development Projects.  Provided key technical propulsion related support for Advanced Project Group. Technical lead on evaluation of various engineering alternatives for advanced systems. Technical and Programmatic liaison between U.S. Government, Japanese Government and Private Industry for International Cooperative Research and Development Projects Energetic Materials Engineering, research, development, sensitivity, performance testing and integration Provided key technical propulsion related support for Advanced Projects Group Full oversight and Technical Lead on evaluation of engineering alternatives for 3 major military projects: A new ground-launched air breathing missile for the U.S. Army Missile Command A hybrid rocket air launch missile for the Air Force that tripled the range of a traditional AMRAAM Development of a new ejection seat program for the Air Force improving pilot safety 

Sr. Energetic Materials Engineer/Principal Investigator ATK

ATK (formerly Thiokol Tactical Division)

Employment Duration - 7 yrs
Location - Huntsville, Alabama Area
ATK (formerly Thiokol Tactical Division) is one of the world's top producer of solid rocket propulsion systems and explosives, flares, decoys; and energetic materials and related technologies. Performed complex process safety and/or hazards analysis chemical and engineering assignments in support of the development, testing and production of highly hazardous materials for solid rocket propellants and military explosives. Responsible for scale up and process engineering of highly dangerous chemical formulations(explosives and rocket propellants). Often functioned in a consulting role or project leadership role in important design, development and manufacturing projects. Primary role was to apply a chemical based approach to risk identification and mitigation requiring considerable technical experience and ability. Prepared/supported Q/D analyses, concept, design and process hazards analyses, technical analyses in response to contract data item requirements, end item safety analyses, ground operations and support hazards analyses and engineering change proposals. Provided technical basis for safety waivers and regulatory interpretations, deviations and explosives hazard classifications. Supported and defended the critical review of the analysis effort in all review forums up to and including executive leadership. Led Insensitive Munitions IR&D Project scoring highest in the corporation for 3 years in a row.

Research Chemist


Advanced Analysis, Research and Development, of shale oil from semi-works project having shift responsibility for in-depth structural interpretation and formulation composition obtained from analytical data, identifying gaps and holes in the data and planning next steps to obtain the needed data to complete the project goals. Limited shift responsibility for understanding, interpreting and drawing conclusions on the data collected for the project requiring application of advanced theories, concepts and techniques, requiring strong organic knowledge and understanding.  Conducted in-depth analytical analysis and structural research, while adapting to changing projects/information and prioritizing projects and multitasking. Recorded and interpreted data. Demonstrated communication skills through reports and technical presentations to senior project leaders.  Closely collaborated with analytical experts, senior chemists and product line technical experts including providing presentations at technical meetings as requested. Research new methods for analysis and/or improvements on current method and assisted in the development of less experienced employees and provided limited work direction to others.

Drilling Fluids Engineer

Baker Hughes

Employment Duration - 2 yrs
Location -  CA, NV, MN, WY, ND, CO, NM, TX and UT
Provided onsite services associated with measuring and testing the drilling fluids and supervising the mixing and pumping operations. Activities also included performing technical analyses and making informed recommendations for controlling fluid properties. Responsibilities also included: Reviewing of fluids program in order to prepare orders and mixing plans. Write procedures for mixing and handling of products. Gathers samples and performs tests to determine trends and identify contaminants. Records test results to identify trends. Interprets property-test data to establish required treatment or action. Determines cause of fluid, hole, or system problems to assist in treatment recommendation. Determines chemical treatments required to optimize drilling parameters. Advises clients on potential treatments or improvements to the fluid system based on data analysis and mud testing. Recommends solids-control processes to ensure economic removal. Supervises rig personnel performing chemical additions and recording drilling fluid parameters. Manages product inventory to ensure availability. Maintains required environmental discharge and consumption records. Monitors daily drilling operations to reduce or eliminate problems associated with drilling fluids.

Product Manager

Oil, Gas & Geothermal Operations

Product Manager/. Sr Site Engineer - Buckman
Employment Duration -  4 yrs
Location - Memphis, TN

Mwd Field Engineer


Employment Duration -1 yr
Location - Gretna, LA and Offshore Gulf of Mexico
Responsible for maintenance and installation of MWD equipment on offshore drilling operations as well as data collection/analysis, log generation, quality control and reporting of anomalies to proper authorities in a timely manner.  The data gained from these measurements made it possible to evaluate the formation, maximize drilling performance and help ensure precise wellbore placement. The data obtained during LWD and MWD services also enabled customers to make informed decisions that help to reduce time and costs.  duties include, but are not limited to: Building tools required to make drilling and formation evaluation measurements and for transmitting information to the surface while drilling the well Assisting the directional driller in drilling the well horizontally or through multiple reservoirs to maximize the potential of the well Reading and interpreting formation well logs, directional survey information and other wellsite data Maintaining equipment inventory and supervising movement to and from the wellsite, as well as performing rig-up and rig-down duties Checking equipment and advising on repair requirements Maintaining a computer database for ongoing jobs, daily reporting and end-of-well reports Promoting safety awareness and environmental consciousness, and complying with all applicable safety and environmental procedures and regulations according to Schlumberger Health, Safety and Environmental(HSE) regulations and guidelines