Founder, Medical Director

The Oasis Institute

Founded and Directed by Dr. George Munoz, The Oasis Institute specializes in Integrative Medicine & Integrative Rheumatology encompassing Arthritis & Inflammation Prevention, as well as Age Management and Bio-identical Hormone Balancing, General Wellness and Disease Prevention.

Dr. Munoz is not only an Arthritis Specialist, but he completed his post doctoral fellowship in Integrative Medicine (2006-2008), taught by World Class faculty at the prestigious Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, founded by Dr. Andrew Weil.

Dr. Munoz is a world class scholar trained arthritis specialist, internist, medical anthropologist, integrative medicine specialist, national lecturer, author, and martial artist who blends his training, experiences and acquired knowledge into cutting edge wellness, age management and disease prevention techniques.

His clients include Elite Professional Athletes, Celebrities, Professionals, Corporations, in addition to any individual seeking alternative and futuristic approaches to age management at the physical and/or energetic level.