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Work experience

Sep 2010Present

Chairman, Manufacturing Forum

American Chamber of Commerce of China, Tianjin Chapter

A voluntary position created to bring together Amcham member manufacturing companies in the Tianjin area to collaborate and identify areas of difficultly in the business environment and share best practice solutions.

  • Led seminars discussing Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and ERP Implementation.
  • Wrote monthly business articles for a local business publication to increase public awareness of the business environment.
  • Collaborated with government and development area officials to determine solutions to problems experienced by local manufacturing operations.
Mar 2006Sep 2009

CEO, General Manager

Tianjin Zehnder Thermal Co., LTD.

The Zehnder Group is an international comfort climate marketer and manufacture best known as the 2nd largest radiator company in the world by revenue with >3000 employees.As General Manager of Tianjin Zehnder my responsibilities were to improve the company’s operations and profitability to meet the international standards set by the Zehnder Group.My responsibilities also included improving the R&D capabilities of the company and strategically placing the company as a production and sourcing based unit for the other group companies located in Europe and America.After the company was brought back to profitability and the organization was aligned with the group strategy it was my responsibility to oversee the acquisition of our company by our brother company located in Beijing.

  • Controlled $6M yearly budget with revenue approximately $8M.
  • Implemented $1.5M capital expenditure budget for company expansion.
  • Oversaw revenue growth of 30% per year for 3 straight years.
  • Managed the R&D, manufacturing, sales and distribution of heat pumps, fan coils, unit heaters, and convection air conditioning equipment for domestic (China) and export (US, Europe, Korea) markets.
  • Changed the company strategy by divesting low contribution margin products and developing new, higher margin products.
  • Successful collaboration with group companies added (5) new product lines to our portfolio.
  • Maintained close relationships with government officials to ensure legal compliance.
  • Implemented ERP system to improve cost control, process control, and reporting procedures.
  • Increased inventory turns from 5 to 15 within (1) year by using quantitative analysis techniques.
  • Improved cash position 5x by implementing AR procedures and payment terms.
  • Implemented incentive programs that reduced employee turnover by 20%.
  • Improved production efficiency by 30% by using lean manufacturing techniques.
  • Implemented complete quality department and obtained ISO9001 factory certification.
Jul 2004Mar 2006

Director of Operations

IMI Shenglong Machinery Co., LTD.

IMI Shenglong is a Chinese manufacturer of automotive engine components, heavy machinery, and heating and air conditioning equipment.As Director of Operations I was responsible for the start-up of a joint venture between IMI and Waterfurnace.During this start-up we had to build up our human resources and management teams, design and implement manufacturing assembly facility, engineering laboratories, and complete a technology transfer from Waterfurnace to IMI.

  • Created a cohesive manufacturing team that included Manufacturing, Engineering, Quality, and Purchasing departments with a focus on the Western approach to problem solving.
  • Improved quality by creating quality key measurables for Manufacturing and Engineering.
  • Improved Engineering processes and communication by creating an Engineering Change Order, Engineering Change Request system.
  • Managed the process for CCC, CE, ISO, and product certifications.
  • Designed and programmed barcoding parts and process verification system for manufacturing assembly line stations and test equipment.
  • Redesigned assembly line layout and added key quality equipment such as automated copper cutter and bender, automated refrigerant charging stations, computerized test equipment.These improvements increased production output by 100% with 25% reduction in employees.
  • Managed the technology transfer of R-410A product lines from US partner.Project included the design of a 4kW – 16kW split system, 4kW – 17 kW hot water units, and 90 kW – 130 kW reversible chillers.
  • Designed Engineering testing lab for 20 kW – 160kW water-to-water units.
  • Decreased Manufacturing inventory levels by 75% by using the J.I.T. and Lean philosophies.
Aug 2000Jun 2004

Engineering Manager

Waterfurnace International, Inc.

Waterfurnace is the largest residential geothermal heat pump manufacturer in the US and has the reputation of being the highest quality heat pump on the market.As engineering manager I was responsible for the development and maintenance of both commercial and residential product lines.I was also responsible for value and process engineering to ensure that new and existing products had the proper documentation, training, and processes to support manufacturing for smooth implementation and most cost effective engineering solutions.

  • Created and designed innovative heat pump control system that used TCP/IP for communication across the Internet and through PDA’s.
  • Designed and implemented assembly line bar coding system for parts and process verification that decreased warranty costs by 70%.
  • Created cabinet design that saved 10% on materials and reduced assembly time by 20%.

  • Managed commercial special products development team.Improved the profitability of the special products from -$200,000/yr to +$500,000 within 1 year.
  • Development, testing and sustaining of product electrical control systems.
  • Managed the support and design of computerized test equipment for laboratory and manufacturing.
Jul 1993Aug 2000

Controls Engineer/Special Products Engineer/Lab Technician

Waterfurnace International, Inc.

I held numerous positions at Waterfurnace starting on the assembly line in 1993 and personally assembling more than 5000 heat pumps.I always pursued perfection and efficiency and this, combined with my pursuance of an electrical engineering degree, allowed me to move up the ladder quite quickly.This experience has become very valuable because I can understand the business from the bottom to the top.I have a unique ability to understand all angles of a problem and I can see things from many different points of view and implement solutions that work for the entire organization.

  • Designed microprocessor based controls systems for heat pumps.Includes communications protocols such as TCP/IP, BacNet, LonWorks, Modbus.
  • Responsible for all electrical systems contained in the heat pumps.
  • Designed software and controls for engineering testing laboratory.
  • Designed and managed special product requests generated by commercial sales.
  • Created special product requests and designed system for company wide organization.
  • Electronic controls design, unit cabinet design, and copper design.


Aug 2009May 2011

Master of Business Administration

Oklahoma City University

Global based MBA taught by American professors in Tianjin, China.  Class consisted of American and Chinese students.

Aug 1996May 2001

Bachelor of Science

Purdue University

Specialized in computer and microprocessor programming for embedded systems and computer-machine interfaces and communication.

Aug 1989Mar 1991

Morehead State University

No degree awarded due to early withdraw.


Chinese - Madarin - Conversational
English -Native Language


Dr. Hossein Shafa

John Groulik

Steve Grao

Bill Dean

Mark Buntyn


I am searching for an opportunity as General Manager, or Director, of a multinational corporation that has operations in China.I am a highly motivated and educated management professional and I am looking for a long term commitment that will be both challenging and rewarding.

I have extensive experience in management on a global level and have worked with American, European, and Chinese companies throughout my career and I have vast experience in operations, project management, research and development, sales and marketing, and setting strategy for the organization.I have had the opportunity to be an executive leader for multinational corporation subsidiaries in China for the past 8 years with my former title being CEO/General Manager.

I have lived and worked in China for 8 years and I have a really good grasp on the Chinese culture, their thinking processes, language (conversational) and the overall capabilities of the Chinese.I can use this knowledge to manage a Chinese workforce with great results and drive the company towards the maximum profit level.I am a true motivator and have the unique ability to bring employees to high levels of job performance and organizational commitment.In addition, I have been able to work with government officials to solve problems that may be difficult for the firm to solve otherwise.

My education includes mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, international business and finance.I believe that my years of management experience, both domestically and internationally, combined with my broad education credentials allows me to dive deep into all aspects of the business so that I can supply maximum value to the organization.

I have been successfully climbing the ladder for the past 20 years which has allowed me to engage and collaborate with all types of personalities from the top to the bottom of the organization.I have a unique ability to understand all angles of a problem and I can see things from many different points of view and implement solutions that work for the entire organization.


Biking, music, guitar, reading, learning, business, energy efficiency