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Work experience

Migration/Rollout Specialist


Under contract to CompuCom worked for Chevron-Texaco onsite and managed two teams of 25 technicians and analysts in the Windows 2000 to Windows XP Migration (GIL2) project at the Richmond Research Facility in Richmond Ca.Performed routine administrative managerial tasks such as hiring, resource planning, scheduling, compensation, and performance appraisal Managed and coordinated the migration of Windows 2000 to Windows XP. Identified client groups for transition. Performed Package Scripting and Q&A, Dos Batch language, Visual Basic Scripting Version, and MSI Resolved software licensing issues. Investigated application usage and version consolidation, identified alternate applications supporting user needs. Assisted in debugging of deployment scripts using. Data Migration. Ghosting of PC's.Identified software issues with Office XP and Windows XP backwards compatibility and devised resolutions to the same. I developed portions of the project definition. Performed planning, design, implementation, testing, delivery, and maintenance. I put processes in place to track status, enhance communication, identify bottlenecks, monitor bugs and quality, etc. .

Systems Engineer/Systems Administrator/Helpdesk

Quality Door & Trim

Under contract Managed and implemented upgrade of servers from NT 4.0 to Windows 2000 Advanced Server. Upgraded Exchange Server from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000. Upgraded workstations with new hardware and new Windows XP from Windows 98. Upgraded MS Office 97 to MS Office 2000. Software Application Packaging and support. Continuing open ended Support Contract.

Data Processing Manager

Calone Law Group, LLC.

Oversight of all Data Processing Related Issues.

Systems administration Windows 2003, Exchange 2003, Sql Server 2003. Management ProLaw Database.

Desktop Support, Windows 2000/Windows XP Pro, MS Office, Custom Apps,

PC Rollout/Migration Expert - Project Team Lead

DMV PC Rollout Project Team Lead – Northern California , Ca.

Under contract upgraded re-imaged and deployed old and new desktop PC's with windows XP Pro throughout northern California. Installed and configured new hardware and software, troubleshot hardware/software issues.

Nov 2002Present

Consultant/Systems Engineer/Systems Administrator/Helpdesk

Under contract Managed and implemented upgrades and performed remote software and systems maintenance for sites 27 PC LAN. Remote Maintenance Via PC Anywhere. Webmaster
Mar 2009Present

Senior Consultant

The Earthship Network

General computer consulting in a wide area of expertise. This is a startup company so we are wearing multiple hats at this stage. The company is based on the Co-Op type organizations and is employee owned.

Jan 2010Present

Independent Consultant

Pinnacle Financial Advisors

As an Independent Consultant, I provided initial consultation on requirements for Initial Office Hardware and Software systems, Computers, Phones, Printer/Scanners/Faxes, hi-speed business internet services, LAN Configuration, etc. from the ground up.Requirements and Process AnalysisCost Analysis.Vendor ContactsPurchase RecommendationsProject ManagementImplementationConfigured and Installed Hardware, Software.Data Migration.MaintenanceProvided, and continue to provide both Hardware and Software support for entire office.I provide both onsite and remote support.This is an ongoing contract.

Jan 1984Present


Nerd By Choice Consulting

Running in parallel to contracts below I have owned and operated a computer consulting business since 1986 Providing my clients with both hardware and software support I have designed, configured, implemented and managed Active directory domains, VMS and Unix/Linux Networks as well as high breed intermixed networks running an assortment of Operating Systems and Production applications, I have performed desktop support/helpdesk support Level 1,2,3 and systems administration on all of the above environments for multiple clients including and not limited to:The U.S. Air Force The U.S. Navy California State Department of JusticeCalifornia Department of Motor VehiclesStockton Masonic Lodge – Morning Star #68 Scottish Rite - Stockton ValleyOnce Upon a Time Preschools The Learning Experience Preschool Clem Lee - Former Stockton City Councilman, and Former Stockton Unified School District Board Member ,Program SpecialistStockton Unified School DistrictCommunity Relations Office

Mar 2010Jun 2010

Windows Deployment/Packaging Engineer


Software application packaging and repackaging using the latest version of AdminStudio for silent deployment in a large enterprise environment using SCCM and 1e Shopping Software Catalog.* Create custom MSI's with setup capture, create custom actions, ICE validate all MSI packages using Best Practices.* Automate installs using WiseScript and VBScript so that they can be easily deployed.* Level 5 Software Support

Sep 2007Mar 2009


PlusIt Consulting

General Systems consulting and field support for numerous clients throughout Northern California.

Predominantly windows 2003 sbs and advanced server networks design and implementation as well as end user and Systems Administrator support. Installation of Surveillance Systems, Network Cabling, Router Setup and Configuration, as well as basic and advanced network diagnostics and repair.

Feb 2006Sep 2007

IT Lab Management/Systems Administrator

SaveMart Markets Collaboration Project – IT Lab Management/Systems Administrator and Multiple additional R&D and Integration projects under contract

Northern California.

Under contract Administered R&D Lab, As a member of the Q&A Team I assisted Q&A Team with various related projects. Imaged servers and terminals, developed setup, configuration and troubleshooting documentation, developed Lab Documentation, Developed Lab Inventory control database using ms access 2003.

Worked with RSM, ACS, OpCon, on NCR Fastlane WRAP and POS 80 systems under windows 2000 serverActive Directory environment. Windows XPE Client Stations, Developed MediaWiki based Helpdesk Knowledgebase for in house use.

Reporting directly to IT Director Performed multiple additional projects including the design and implemented a SUSE Linux/MySql Apache based helpdesk knowledgebase system for in-house use.

MediaWiki integration, and support. Performed Product Research on open source Linux operating system and Open Source Linux Based Collaboration tools, as well as Development Cycle Applications such as Bugzilla, Mantis, DokuWiki, CVS, Subversion, JBOSS, Tomcat, VM Ware,and assorted other packages to determine usefullness for in-house use.

Provided technical expertise in developing in-house source management and bug tracking systems.

Researched and Implemented collaboration software tools for in house use.

General System configurations. Provided general Support and Troubleshooting.

Apr 2004Sep 2005

Computer Network Support Specialist

Stockton Unified School District

Under Constract - Implemented upgrades and Rollouts of new desktops. Migrated users from Netware server environment, to a pure windows 2000 environment. Performed software maintenance on both standard, and proprietary software. Populated and troubleshot MDF, and IDF Boxes District Wide. Performed Software installation. Performed User Support. General network, pc, software troubleshooting. Performed assorted other duties as requested.

Jan 2004May 2004

Senior Field Desktop Support Specialist – Modesto, Ca. District

H&R Block

Managed and implemented upgrades. Performed Software Maintenance on Proprietary Software, Supported POS Systems. Re-imaged Systems with Win 95/XP/2000/2000 Advanced Server. Provided Phone system support.

Provided VPN, and general network support. Provided Hardware support. Dial up Support. Server and Client Support.

Jul 2003Sep 2003

Software Consultant

Stockton Unified School District

Under short-term contract, Upgrade of SASI software on Desktop PC's Updated Windows 95 to Windows 98. Application Installation and configuration. Hardware upgrades.

Feb 2003May 2003


Under contract to CHW - upgraded Performed Project Image Q&A, re-imaged 850 desktop PC's with windows 2000 Pro. Installed and configured new hardware, troubleshot hardware/software issues.

Administered user Accounts. General System configurations. Provided general Desktop and Phone Support.

Nov 2002Feb 2003

Senior Migration Consultant/Systems Administrator

Digital Equipment Corporation

Under Contract to Merck, Sharpe & Dhome Project

Maintained and troubleshot portions of their Decnet/Pathworks v4.1 LAN/WAN running on the following systems.Rolled out 8500 PC's running Windows for workgroups 3.11. Twin VAX 3100-40's, VAX 3100-80, and VAX 4000-100 running under VMS v5.5. I established and maintained file, disk & printer servers. I established group services based on department numbers. I established procedural guidelines for operations and troubleshooting the Pathworks Network and various system resources. I installed Printer Queues for QMS and HP Laserjet Printers.

I performed software installation on 350 DEC PC's.

Performed Package Scripting and Q&A, Dos Batch language, WinBatch, Visual Basic Scripting Version, and MSI Resolved software licensing issues

I wrote custom network applications for the above in Microsoft Visual Basic version 1.0 Professional Edition.

I performed Software/Hardware installation and troubleshooting on all of the above.

Jul 2002Nov 2002

Windows Deployment/Packaging Engineer

Kaiser Permanente Project

Under contract to Kaiser Permanente, Performed Package Scripting and Q&A, using On Command CCM Scripting Tools, Visual Basic Scripting Version, Wise Installer, MSI, SMS Installer, Oracle Package Installer. And assisted in the migration/Rollout of over 4000 Windows 2000 Workstations throughout the Sacramento/Roseville Area. Performed other duties as required.

Nov 2000Jul 2001

Consultant, Assistant Project Manager

McClellan AFB Closure Project

Under contract to Com-Net worked for Compaq Computers onsite and Assisted in the downsizing of the Data Processing center at McClellan AFB. Performed routine Administrative tasks relating to VAX VMS and Windows NT Network Systems, MS Exchange v5.5 Email System, X-500, and DMS. Migrated MS SQL 7.0 Servers for Server consolidation.Assisted in establishing a Windows 2000 Training Lab for base personnel where we simulated many real world installation, migration and integration issues. Identified client groups for transition. Resolved software licensing issues. Investigated application usage and version consolidation, identified alternate applications supporting user needs. Maintained Archserve based backup system for NT and Exchange Servers, Maintained SLS Backup System for VMS Cluster Servers. Wrote and modified DCL Scripts.

May 1995Nov 2000

Software Support Specialist III

Working for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), now Compaq Support

Services MNOS (Multi-Vendor Network Support Team) May 30, 1995 –Nov 22, 2000.

I performed as a Network and Application Support Consultant for corporate clients throughout the United States, Mexico & Canada. Support for Pathworks v4.x, v5.x v6.x , Pathworks for Windows NT, Pathworks for Windows 95, Pathworks 32, Windows NT, Windows 2000 pro, Windows 2000 (All Server Versions), Windows 95/98, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Windows 3.1, MS-DOS, NetWare 3.11/3.12/4.1, OS/2 Warp, UNIX/OSF, MS Mail, MS Exchange, MS Office, MS Office 95,97. Netscape, Mosaic, MS Internet Explorer, Netscape Server. Decnet, TCP/IP Netbeui, IPX, BackOffice Products, Microsoft Internet Information Server, FrontPage. CGI, ASAPI, MS Access.

I provided configuration support for routers, bridges, and gateways including CISCO, Roamabout, and Windows NT Clustering.

I advised customers on proper migration, Upgrade and Rollout procedures for large-scale computer network environments.

Performed Package Scripting using, DOS, Batch language, VB, VB script, Installshield, Winistall and MSI, SMS

Jul 1993May 1995

Senior Systems Administrator, Network Migration Specialist/Desktop Support Manager

Chevron Real Estate Management Company

I installed, maintained and troubleshot portions of their VMS Pathworks 4.2 LAN/WAN network running Decnet and TCP/IP protocols on the following systems. After the loss of our department manager and staff, I took over management of the PC and networking support group. I performed hiring and training a staff of 24 Specialists to aid in the support and migration of the Existing Pathworks network to a NetWare 3.12 network running MS Office Suite of Products and MS Mail 3.2 in a LAN/WAN Configuration.

I coordinated the migration with my counterparts throughout the western and southern United States.I coordinated the upgrade and rolled out 8500 PC's across the southern and western United States at 5 site locations. We finished 3 months ahead of schedule, and half a million under budget for the migration. I continued to manage the team for the next two years until leaving Chevron to work in Digital's Support Center in Atlanta. I migrated, the network from Pathworks v4.2 to NetWare 3.12. We rollout of 4800 PC's running Windows 95.As part of a Migration and design teams, assisted in the design of the CREMCO COMMON OPERATING ENVIRONMENT (CCOE).

I also assisted in the general rollout of 4800 PC's running the CCOE environment. I implemented CCOE and Migrated Data to new environment.

I migrated, user data from old servers and PC's to new PC's and Servers. Environment consisted of One VAX 3100-40, One VAX 4000-90, and Four VAX 3000-400 AXP Desktop Workstations running under VMS 5.2. One EISA BUS 486/66 running MS-Windows NT 3.1 Advanced Server Edition. I migrated, the existing Pathworks 4.x network to Novell 3.12. I installed and Administered NetWare 3.12 Servers as well as MS-Mail and MS-Mail Remote Servers. I established and maintained File, Disk, Printer Services, and Modem Access on the servers. I established procedural guidelines for operations and troubleshooting the Pathworks network and various system resources. I performed Software installation and upgrades on PC's. I performed Software installations and upgrades on VAX's and Alpha's.

May 1993Jun 1993

Network Consultant

Digital Equipment Corporation

Digital PC-LAN Contract Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado,

California I diagnosed problems with existing Novell Network installation and reported to Gary Williams at Digital the following information.1.) Diagnosis2.) Recommendations as to what is needed in order to get the Network On-line.3.) Estimate of time that it should take to bring the Network On-line.

Mar 1993May 1993

System's Integrator

Digital Equipment Corporation

System's Integrator, California State Department of Justice - AFIS OCR Project.

I created design and functional specifications for the OCR Client Module written in VAX C & DCL, Running on a VAX 4000 Model 400. I created design and functional specifications for the OCR PC Module written in MS Batch Language and running on three DEC 433 MP Systems. I assisted in the integration and documentation of the OCR Client/PC Server Modules into the D.O.J. OCR Software.

Nov 1991Oct 1992

Systems and Programming Analyst I

San Joaquin County Mental Health Department

I assisted in the design, and implementation of database applications running in a VAX VMS environment. Programmed in a number of languages including BC++, Datatrieve, VAX SQL, SQLASSIST, Paradox 2.0. I managed the counties INSYST Mental Health and Substance Abuse Database. Designed and implemented both hardware and software installation of the Human Resources Network running on a VAX 3600 and tied to the Mental Health Network Via Routing Bridges.


Sep 1976Jun 2000


San Joaquin Delta College


VMware Server
Windows 2008
Cat5/6, RJ11, and Coax Cableing
Dating Myself
True64 Unix
Visual Basic
MS Batch Language
MS SQL Server 2000/2003
Exchange Server 5.5/2000/2003
Microsoft Office Suite
Redhat Linux
Suse Linux
Netware 3.11/3.12
Windows 2003
Windows 2000
Windows NT 3.5 - 4.0
Windows 3.1


Jack Spruill

McClellan AFB

Jack hired you as a IT Consultant in 2000

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

“I hired Dennis into a rapidly changing environment that included a mix of old and new systems. Dennis became a reliable utility player - able to fill in wherever required and he also able to pick up new or old technology quickly. We were a shrinking team and Denis' ability to adapt made him a very valuable member of that team.” July 20, 2010

Casey Tod Edwards

IBM - Amgen

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

“Dennis is a highly skilled I.T. professional who adapts extremely well to the clients situation and handles all the obstacles in front of him with speed and clarity. He is a true pleasure to work with and I fully recommend him for any position in his field.” July 20, 2010

Request a new or revised recommendation from Scott Fregien

Scott Fregien

IBM - Amgen

“Dennis is a highly skilled I.T. professional who adapts extremely well to the clients situation and handles all the obstacles in front of him with speed and clarity. He is a true pleasure to work with and I fully recommend him for any position in his field.” July 20, 2010

Top qualities: Personable , Good Value

Clem Lee

Former Stockton City Councleman, Former Board Member - Stockton unified School District.

John Hamilton

Patrick McGuire


James Sims


A career position as a computer Information Systems Administrator, Services Manager, Programmer, Network Consultant, or general computer consultant, where my education and experience may be applied and fully utilized to provide a challenge as well as advancement potential.


Over 15+ years experience supporting, application and systems software design, as well as designing, administering and building networks and computers for large companies and various government entities.I am experienced at Large-scale PC and network rollouts, server builds, and migrations. I am able to adapt well to highly variable environments and respond quickly to rapidly changing requirements.I possess good verbal and written communication skills, to effectively communicate with both technical and non-technical audiences. I have experience with development of industrial robotics software in Assembly Language, as well as Process Control Experience. And experience with PLC's. I am able to read and interpret process and instrumentation drawings, electrical schematics, instrument loop diagrams, and ladder and binary logic diagrams. I have experience with security systems and biometrics. I have a, hands-on Manager Style working best in a cohesive environment