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Web Tools Final portfolio. Objective :1 3 Web Tools.

Pinterest  is a pin board-style photo- sharing  website that allows user to create and manage theme- based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies.  This  tools gives people or it member's many ways  to explore in many different categories; like up loading information to your to your pin board and later be able to create your own website.  This website is easy to use and sign up for with out any problem.  This tools is useful in many ways; it give you an idea, ways to decorate, organize parties and bring family together and many more. After exploring these tools I learned  how to add  my own information and be able to share them with my friends and other people using the website.  I  love  to organize and share my own idea. I believe  by using  this website, I will have the advantage to share my idea more with friends and also be able to organize parties and do more decorations in the future. This tools  helped to give me a broad idea on organization because I can  add any information that I want and be able to alter them without difficulties.


Prezi is a  Hungarian  software company, producing a base presentation software and story telling tools for presenting  idea on a virtual canvas.  Prezi  is free and very easy to sign up for.  Example of prezi  are segmented into categories like conference,Corporate, Business, Design and education. I learned through this web Tools that  prezi is a cloud based presentation software that opens up a new world between white board and slide. Prezi is useful because it allows student to be  more creative in making presentations. Prezi is also useful for professionals who is giving presentations  at their job site and for student who are planing presentations. One advantage of  Prezi  is that you can do your work with out using power point and so many different future.  Prezi  can add value to any presentations you want to create. This web Tools will add value to what am doing because I will add it to my portfolio and keep it for future use.

                                                    Google Doc

     Google doc is  a freeware web- base office suit offered by Google. This tools  allows user to upload presentation document and chart. This tools was very easy to use because I already had an account with than.I also had t insect a drive in my computer and follow the instruct ions step by step for it to work. I learned through this web Tools  that you can control who see your document and also who can  add information to it or edit it. I see this tools as a perfect way  way for me to stay organize since am not good at organizing my school work and other thing helpful to me in my daily life. I will use this tools personal reasons like when I want to write my class research papers and other class work related. I  will use this tools professionally when I need it for work relating purposes . I will provide privacy to only people  I want to see my work. This tools is useful  because it  help to put document into one location for editing .  I select this tools  because I love G- mail, so it is easy  for me to use with out creating  a new account  and also subscribe  to people following my blog.

                                              Object 2

            Two Idea on how I plan on adding these tools to my future portfolio. Other tools I explorer this                                  semester.

Throughout  this semester, I  have learned a lot about various kinds  of  web Tools that I can add to my future portfolio that will be useful in school work that I can use personal and professionally. Three tools I want to add to my portfolio that will be useful to me in the future.

1 prezi-  This web Tools will allow me to put information to my pain board and later in the future I can change it and add any useful information that will have to do with my school work.

2 Pinterest- will help me to  stay more organize in the future. When I add this web Tools to my future portfolio it will always remind me that I have to stay organize.

3 Google Doc - can be added to my future portfolio because in the future I want to be able to access my document from any where in the world.

I will love to explore heap note because it help you to stay organize. I love this site because it is easy to sign up for . Heap note also help you to manage time wisely . It also help you keep track of everything happening in your life. You can use Heap note both personal and professionally. It is a great tools I sign up for it but did not go deep into exploring it.  Heap note will help me to stay organize and use my time wisely. It will give me advantage to stay organize over people who is not using this tools.