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Awards & Honors

-Received the Maestro Award for outstanding musicality and musicianship at the 2010 Heritage Festival in San Diego.

-3.9 GPA at Centennial High School

-Accepted into to Arizona State University's Herberger Institute for piano performance

Career Summary of a Pianist

The life of a pianist is similar to that of any musician: there are long hours that are usually irregularly scheduled, dozens or hundreds of hours of practice time are required for pieces of difficulty, and the pay is good, but not received on a regular basis. Pianists are also usually able to schedule their own hours and performances, so they have somewhat flexible schedules. However, they do need to set aside time several days each week for practicing; more when performances are approaching.

As far as education goes, pianists need extensive knowledge of music theory, chord progressions, and composition skills. Taking private lessons is highly recommended.

The outlook for musicians in general is positive, with most of them making about $30/hour. However, there are a small number of job openings for musicians, so taking the time to hone one's skills with improve the chances of being hired.


I hope (upon completing college) to start a solo career in piano performance in order to write original songs. I also hope to run my own recording studio.


Work experience

Dec 2004Present


Community of Grace Lutheran Church

I have helped out on the audio/visual team, set up the church on Sundays, and played keyboards for the church, all on a volunteer basis.

Feb 2010Present


TheHontz Studio

My personal business. At TheHontz Studio, I record musicians and friends and, by the end of it all, produce high-quality recordings to create a perfect end result.


Wood, Plastic, & Metal Construction
As a hobby, I use hand and power tools to create useful objects and gifts out of wood, plastic, and metal materials.
Simple Circuit Construction
As a hobby, I build simple circuits and electronic devices to make functional products. I also have the skills to repair broken audio cables and devices.
Audio Recording & Live Sound Engineering
I am great at recording audio at a high quality, and I can quickly diagnose and solve any problems that may arise. Additionally, I have the resources to set up and run a PA system for bands to provide them with a great-sounding performance.
Video Production
I have written, filmed, directed, produced, and edited numerous films for school and fun in the past.
Piano Playing
I have taken piano lessons since 2000 and have joined various bands. Additionally, I have composed original music and scores.