Andrew Holliman

Andrew Holliman

Extra-Curricular Activities

Football: Years Varsity: 2014, 2013 JV: 2012 Freshman: 2011

Track and Field: Years JV: 2013, 2012

Link Crew: 2013-2015

Interests and Community Service

Community Service:

Hope for the Homeless: 50+ Every Friday, I go with my church to Downtown and feed homeless people.  I usually carry all the food and then talk with the homeless people because they just love to talk with people.  This is one of my favorite activities because I am blessed to have food, water, and shelter and I enjoy giving back to my community.

Mission's Trips to Mexico: 50+ A few times a year, I go down to Tecate, Mexico, to volunteer at an orphanage.  We sponsor a boy named Hector that we give clothes to.  I like seeing the joy in all the kids faces who get very excited just by playing soccer with them.


Sep 2011 - Present


Valhalla High School

GPA - 4.2

SAT - 1780 Math: 700 Verbal/Critical Reading: 600 Writing: 480

12th Grade - English 7/8C, AP Calculus, AP Government, AP Environmental Science, AP Stats

11th Grade - AP English, Honors Pre-Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP U.S History Honors Spanish, Photography

10th Grade - Honors Humanities II, Honors Algebra II, Honors Chemistry, AP World History, Spanish

9th Grade - Honors Humanities I, Honors Geometry, Biology, Pre-AP history, Spanish, PE