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    "I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Dustin very closely over the last four years.  He came to me first as a digital capture tech and was employed full time for the company that i had hired for the job.  I was shooting the world wide rebranding of Intel at the time and it was a particularly complicated shoot.  I had been at photographer for about 7 years at the time.  I was so impressed with Dustin that i hired him full time very soon after that job.  In the years since then Dustin has became an integral part of my process and and integral part of the studio.  He has handled major shoots, retouching image editing and client relations.  I now shoot a job and essentially leave the rest to him.  He will edit the necessary images to composite and deal with the art director and the client and manage their need relative to image creation and shifting what was shoot into the world they need it to be.  Often time this required quite literally remaking the image to suite shifting client demands.  I have worked with innumerable people in this business and have found Dustin to be the most reliable person i have ever had in my employ. He would be a great asset to any company."


zach gold

Work experience

Jan 2008Present


Dustin Edwards digital capture/post production

While in New York I started my own freelance digital capture and post-production company.My company is one of the few that can work directly with photographers in helping them transitioning and stay comfortable with the digital format.I have handled million dollar worldwide advertising campaigns by companies like Nike, Jeep, Motorola, Gap and Bose.Major magazines hire me for editorial shoots including Vanity Fair, Vogue, Italian Vogue, City, Rolling Stone, and People.  As a freelancer technician, photographer clients include Annie Leibovitz, Steven Klein, Nathaniel Goldberg, Ty Allison, and Mark Seliger.

Jan 2004Present

Lighting Assistant/Digital Tech

Nathaniel Goldberg

I first interned for Nathaniel in 2004.  After a two months I was brought on as an assistant and then got involved in on-set digital capture.  I freelance for Post Industrial Light, a digital capture company that does  most of his digital work.  

Apr 2006Apr 2008

Image Retoucher, Digital Capture Tech, Digital Asset Manager

Zach Gold, Photographer

I worked full time for Zach Gold assisting on photo campaigns around the world.Some clients include Motorola, Nike, Kswiss, Jeep, Bacardi, Axe and intel.I was responsible for all image capture on set, editing, post-production digital asset management.

Jun 2005Apr 2006

Digital Capture Tech, Lighting Tech

Briese Lighting

Briese is where I started in the photography industry.  I was first involved in technical lighting for some of the top photographers in the world.  Most of the lighting was closely linked with hollywood, sometimes using cinema scale lighting sets.  When Briese started doing digital capture, I was part of the team that switched Annie Leibovitz over to digital, working directly with her and crew for three months.    


Apple Final Cut Pro
Advanced Studio Lighting
I am proficient in all professional studio lighting equipment strobe or continuous.  Strobe gear I am familiar with Profoto, Breise, Hensel, Broncolor, Dynalite, and Calumet.  Continuous source I have worked with HMI, Tungsten, and Kino-Flo.  Light modification is also something I am very experienced with including most grip, umbrellas, soft-boxes, reflectors, grids, and anything used on still and film sets.
Apple Aperture
Adobe Lightroom
Lightroom is a new super-powerful image editing program.  Currently I think it is the best of it's kind.    
Phase One C1 Pro
Use this software for major advertising and editorial image capture, correct, edit and process.  
Adobe Photoshop
I am proficient in all aspects of Photoshop.  Compositing, color-correction, beauty, alternative process.  There are endless creative solutions for any visual need. 

Recent Campaigns


May 2004May 2006

Courses in Photography

Brooks Institute of Photography