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Work experience

Sep 2010Present

Crane Operator/ Supervisor

Bridger Crane & Rigging

  Primary duties include working on natural gas drilling rigs, work-over & completion rigs, snubbing units & coil tubing units.  Our company performs contract crane service work for many of the natural gas companies in the north central PA area.

  Duties include operating up to 175 ton ATC cranes.  (Link Belt ATC3130, Grove 5150, Krupp 175 and a 90 ton Link Belt)  Was hired in as a certified operator and was later moved to a management position in the North Central Pennsylvania area, working with Shell Gas & Oil, drilling natural gas wells.  We comply with the strictest of safety guidelines and we "mirror" Shell's safety policies.  Our practices include pre and post JSA's, pre lift safety meetings, along with critical lift plans and we always comply with OSHA or higher standards.

  Responsiblities included obtaining permits through the state of Pennslyvania's "APRAS" system. (PennDOT permitting agency)  Was responsible for overseeing the entire permitting process for moving large hydraulic truck cranes/ counterweight trucks through the state to accomodate Shell's contracts.  I was also responsible for crane placement and load lift plans, as well as safety documentation for each shift.  Normal shift work included lifting "Injector Heads" for the coil tubing process; lifting BOP's & production valves, along with lubricator racks and various equipment that was needed prior to going down hole.    Worked closely with rig operators and pushers during the rig up and rig down process.  Loaded and unloaded trucks, as needed per rig move requirements.  Implimented various safety procedures per OSHA & SHELL safety guidelines.  Was responsible for obtaining the proper work permits, JSA's, Post JSA's & LOTO documentation.  Was responsible for holding pre lift and critical lift meetings, along with verbally explaining each and every crane lift & all procedures involved.  Worked closely with companies such as Shell, Nabors, Weatherford, Schlumberger & Haliburton (Coil Tubing Services) & Wireline Services.

 Recent certifications include the successful completion of Shell's D.R.O.P.S. program, Shell's Blue & Yellow Book classes, along with a Shell Rigging Certificaion & NCCCO mobile crane certification, which includes Large & Small hydraulic cranes, as well as Lattice Boom Crawlers.

Mar 2009Nov 2009

Crane Operator


Hired in on a night shift position, operating a Link Belt 80100, 3 axle RT.(100 ton, 5 section retractable boom/ 160ft)  I hired into the Nashville, TN office, relocating to the north Mobile, AL area.  Duties included erecting the waste water treatment plant, inside the new ThyssenKrupp Steel plant, located 20 miles north of Mobile.  Responsibilities included safe operations, setting up and relocating crane, as required by job priorities and superintendent.  Worked closely with ThyssenKrupp safety officers to ensure that all company and OSHA safety regulations were met or exceeded during shift.  Ultimately responsible for ensuring all rigging and crane safety, along with ensuring the safety of all groundsmen and oilers.  Other responsibilities included  sitting in on meetings with ThyssenKrupp structural engineers and other site engineers to determine best heavy equipment placement and the best possible lifting & hoisting procedures to implement per each specific job requirement.  Was solely responsible for large crane placement and set up procedures.  This was not an original job requirement but I was asked to start sitting in on meetings as time went on.  

Personally inspected and logged all rigging and lifting device/ equipment for waste water treatment area.  Was responsible for daily & monthly  "lifting & hoisting" inspection reports.    

Mar 2008Nov 2008

Lead Crane Operator/ Excavation Operator

WilBros RPI

    Hired in as lead crane operator on a mid west, natural gas pipeline crew.  Main responsibilities were supervising and implementing safe lifting procedures for all jobsite crane lifts.  Worked in conjunction with Wilbros superintendent to come up with safe and practical load lift plans for all critical lifts.  Prepared all load lift plans and ensured adherence to load charts up to 75% on pumping station grounds and up to 50% while operating over or in the vacinity of "LIVE" natural gas lines.  Operated Link Belt 460LX & 330LX (Track Hoes.) When there were NO crane operations.  Operated Link Belt 218HSL & 138HSL Hydraulic Crawlers. (Up to 225 ft lattice boom)  Operated Mantis 75 ton retractable boom,  American/ Terex 100 ton lattice boom crawler, as well as many other types of loaders, dozers & hydraulic excavators.  Worked closely with pipe fitters and welders to ensure that all OSHA, NCCER & Columbia Gulf Transmission safety guidelines were met or exceeded.

    Job responsibilities also included "rigging up" & "rigging down" on different drilling locations.  Made various lifts to include; BOP's, Injector Heads, Coil Tubing Units & Lubricator racks.  Was also involved in the rigging up and down on several different "Nabors" drilling rigs.  Worked closely with Columbia Gulf safety rep, as well as rig operator & pushers, to ensure all jobs were completed in a safe and timely manor.  Loaded trucks for rig moves and various relocation efforts. 

    Was responsible for inspecting all rigging and equipment used for lifts & the overall safety of each particular lift.  Other responsibilities included enforcing safety procedures set forth by (NCCER) & (NCCCO), for all rigging, crane and excavation operations.

    Worked in conjunction with superintendent and Wilbros safety  to help ensure "Pipeline & Hazordous Material Safety Administration" (PHMSA) & OSHA  regulations were strictly adhered to during all lifts.  I was directly involved in H2S safety training.  My responsibilities included working closely with safety to physically help monitor the pumping station or drilling pad grounds.  (with LEL monitor)  Worked in conjunction with Columbia Gulf Transmission in Hartsville, TN and Redfield, IA, ensuring all plant safety rules and regulations were enforced where crane and heavy equipment excavation operations were active.  Progressively studied, tested and maintained safety standards to comply with all regulations and entities involved within.  Maintained a spotless safety record for entire employment with Wilbros.  (averaging 80 hours per week, work schedule)

Sep 2006Mar 2008

Crane Operator/ Heavy Hauler

Amquip Cranes LLC.

    Started out as an "oiler" and worked my way up to boom trucks and small hydraulic truck cranes.  Ran 40, 80 & 100 ton LieBherr truck cranes & all boom trucks ranging from 10 to 28 tons.  Hauled permitted loads (oversize & weight) to various job  sites across the eastern US.  Served on the "Crane Move" team.  Responsibilities included transporting cranes and counterweights to various jobsites across the US, assembling and disassembling the cranes & ensuring proper load securement and transportation.  Worked extensively with the 360 ton LieBherr Truck Crane.  Dedicated to hauling and setting up on various locations across the US.  Went through many OSHA safety classes on rigging, crane operations, jobsite safety, plus proper inspections of cranes & all heavy equipment.  Extensively worked with Amquip safety officers to ensure all safe practices and guidelines were followed.  Worked under John Hagewood.  (now titled as "Crane Operations Manager" for Nashville, TN)  Maintained an impeccable safety record while employed with Amquip Cranes LLC.

Sep 2001Oct 2006

Transportation Specialist

Various OTR Trucking Companies

  Hauled various load types on several different types of trailors.  Worked for the following companies during this period.

Stevens Transport    -                      Dallas, TX                                  Refridgerated Van, 53ft.

TMC                             -                      Des Moines, IA                          Flat bed,  48ft spread axle.

Super Service            -                      Somerset, KY                            Dry Van, 53ft.   

Corsicana Bedding  -                     Shelbyville, TN                           Dry Van, 53ft.

Jun 1997Nov 2000

Operating Technician

Bridgestone/ Firestone

      Operated & maintained 17 different machines in the stock cutting department, throughout a four year period. Served as department safety leader for 2 years; Was soley responsible for presenting safety data during daily  meetings and performing emergency safety drills for the stock cutting & 4-roll department.  (Educating employees on emergency actions to stop and break apart rubber mills during the event of an emergency. (Mill Drills)  Presented safety slide shows and kept safety records for department level safety procedure acknowledgment.  Served as vacation & absence technician.  (Was qualified to cover all machines in the Stock-Cutting or 4/ Roll & Banbury department)  Worked in the Banbury department on the "Dual Screw" / Wig-Wag / Banburys/ & in the mixing department. (Pigments)  . 

Mar 1993Dec 1996

Instrument Operator/ Repair

Computer Science & Raytheon

    Worked at the southern most point of the eastern test range. Tracked shuttle & rocket launches from Cape Canaveral AFS. Worked and maintained global HF radio equipment, as well as, the satellite communications  equipment, which was responsible for the relay of critical data between the tracking stations and NASA.  Shuttles/ Rockets were tracked via Sat com, Radar, Telemetry, GPS & Global HF.  We were ultimately responsible for maintaining optimum communication links, allowing the transfer of critical data, to and from ground stations on the eastern test range.  Once we had successfully maintained links for the duration of the Shuttle/ Rocket path, we would turn over communication links to the WTR (Western Test Range)  Some of the test equipment used during the operations & maintenance of this equipment included:  signal wave generators, oscilloscopes, flukes & various types of multimeters.  Obtained & promoted skills neccessary to continue support in a high stress environment. Held Top Secret (SCI) security clearance.

Jul 1989Mar 1993

Wide Band & Satellite Communications Equipment Technician

Initial set up, operation & maintenance of wide band & satellite communications equipment. Responsible

for critical communication links for the 37 tactical fighter wing, (F-117A Stealth Fighter)  during Desert

Storm.  Maintenance of communications equipment involved the use of various types of test equipment

including: oscilloscopes, signal wave generators, flukes (multimeters)  etc.  Worked in fast paced, high stress environment & learned to adapt & work well under pressure.  Obtained a strong foundation for skills neccessary to achieve success in this highly demanding field.  Held a Secret security clearance.   Decorated Desert Storm veteran with 5 service medals & honorable discharge.


Took Leave of Absence for job

Devry University

  I'm currently studying in the field of computer engineering.  Currently maintaining 3.4 GPA.

May 2006Jan 2007

Software support technician

Dell Inc.

    Certified Dell computer technician.  Led my class with highest percentage of customer software & hardware issues, fixed.  Completed the course among the top 10 %.  This class had a 60% washout rate.

Aug 1989Mar 1993


United States Air Force

    Intense studies of electronics, w/b & satellite communications equipment.  Would attend class for 10 hours a day 6 days per week with class room hours reaching just over 1,000.  Maintained 3.3 GPA.  This particular course had a 45% wash out rate. (45% did not graduate)

Sep 1986Jun 1989

Graduated with Diploma

Franklin County High

Ethanol Plant Construction


Redfield, IA (Pumping Station Ex

NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator


I have over 17 years of combined experience with cranes and heavy equipment.  I'm very confident in the safe and practical operations of cranes and ALL heavy equipment.


  My experience with the oil & gas industry lies mainly within the drilling/ completions & pumping station areas.  I've worked closely with Shell OSR's and HSE techs to provide the safest, most effecient and productive work environment possible.  I've always maintained a professional and respectful attitude, along with a positive and productive work ethic.  Safety is always a top priority & having an unblemished safety record, speaks for itself.  My experience has enabled me to overcome and adapt to many unique situations that others might find more challenging.  My knowledge & respect for Shell's 12 Life Saving Rules & the 3 Golden Rules has allowed me to take control of my work environment & ensure the safety of everyone on the job site.

Shell's 12 Life Saving Rules

1)    Work with a valid work permit.

2)    Conduct Gas tests.

3)    Verify isolation before work begins / Use proper life protecting equipment.

4)    Get authorization before entering a confined space.

5)    Never override any safety critical equipment without proper authorization.

6)    Wear fall protection when working 6 ft or higher.

7)    Never walk under a suspended load.

8)    Smoke in designated areas only.

9)    No alcohol or drugs while working or driving. 

10)  Follow traffic laws and do not use cell phones.

11)  Always wear your seat belt.

12)  Follow journey management plan.

Shell's 3 Golden Rules

1)    Comply with the law, standards & procedures.

2)    Intervene in unsafe or non-compliant situations.

3)    Respect our neighbors & environment. 

    I have knowledge of many of the different formulas used to determine calculations such as: "pipe capacity" / annular volume / annular velocity / snub force / hydrostatic pressure & free-point/ OHcap....

I feel that my background as a US Air Force (Desert Storm) Veteran, along with knowledge from job experiences in the pipeline and drilling/ completion fields, will allow me to successfully complete any mission, overcoming any obstacle that may be presented.  I am very confident as a supervisor & I feel that my knowledge of Shell's HSE policies along with my knowledge of coil tubing / wire- line / frac & lifting & hoisting procedures,  (plus my back ground in computer engineering)  would allow me to be a successful candidate for a consultant or equivalent  position.  I feel that I would be an asset to any company that wants a hardworking & dedicated individual with discipline and respect for authority.

My ultimate goal would be to relocate, for the right company and begin a long term career that would enable me to grow with the company and climb the management ladder.  I will ultimately be striving for excellence and success in everthing I do.  I would hope to work with individuals of the same mentality & professionalism. 

    In closing, I would like to emphasize the fact that I've been around cranes and excavation equipment for over 20 years.  I've been around coil tubing / frac & wire line for over 4 years and I'm very confident in the operations, maintenance and regulations required by Shell Upstream Americas/ OSHA/ AMSE & Wild Well Services for safe natural gas operations.   

  Thank you for your time and consideration,


Top Secret/SCI

Computer Science Raytheon/ United States Air Force