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If Matthew Fry has always had a passion for aviation and flying planes, he has his feet firmly on the ground. When he left Sault College after studying aviation, he wasted no time launching a company in a solid, proven industry where the steady demand exceeds the supply: painting contracting. Always a practical man, Matthew decided to let his entrepreneurial mind express itself through a profession that would prove useful to fellow neighbors. As he had always wanted to be his own boss, he found the perfect opportunity in creating The City Painters.

Today, only 3 years after its inception, The City Painters has already made a name for itself in the community thanks to its commitment to exceptional quality... and Matthew is on the front line to ensure that the strict guidelines that make up the company's mission are enforced vigorously. He takes great care to work only with the best professionals as aiming for perfection is the only way to ensure his customers' satisfaction. Thanks to his close watch, residents of the GTA know that when they call on him for a difficult painting job, they will get their money’s worth and much more.

The City Painters

Toronto, ON Canada

Phone: 647-237-6900