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Aug 2011Present


The Citadel
Apr 2011Jun 2011

Class 1

South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy
Aug 2006May 2011

Associate in Arts

Trident Technical College

Work experience

Jan 2011Present

Private First Class

St. George Police Department
  • Patrolled I-95, using highway interdiction techniques to look for drugs, large quantities of cash and illegal activities
  • Handled calls ranging from criminal domestic violence and burglaries to assaults and shootings
  • Enforced posted speed limits, assist motorists and flag downs, and serve warrants
Sep 2009Jan 2011

Customer Assistant

Video House
  • Stocked and re-shelved movies
  • Assist customers in finding specific movies and answering customer questions
  • Completed chores assigned and managed the store many times on night shift alone
May 2004Jan 2011

Landscape Technician

East Coast Landscaping
  • Used a blower, weed-eater, rake and tarp, mower, and tractor to complete projects
  • Picked up trash, dump sticks, branches and debris, and pulled weeds
  • Completed any task I was assigned and quickly as possible
Oct 2009Sep 2010

Reserve Deputy

Colleton County Sheriff's Office
  • Transported juveniles to the Department of Juvenile Justice in Columbia SC
  • Assist other officers on traffic stops, dispatch calls, and flag downs
  • Worked special events for the county of Colleton
Dec 2006Sep 2009

Electronics Associate

  • Stocked DVDs, TVs, videogames, and other electronic devices
  • Assist customers in finding specific products and answering customer concerns
  • Completed chores assigned and followed managers decisions and directions
Jun 2007Aug 2007

Fabricator Assistant

Custom Fabrication
  • Weld and cut various sheets of metal
  • Used a sky-jack to move various sheets of metal to specific locations
  • Assist managers in whatever necessary for the production of various projects


Team Work
Law Enforcment
Customer Service


I am very loyal, respectful, and trustworthy. My supervisors, managers, and all employers can back me on these words. I do not lie, cheat or steal. I have a great family background. I have only a handful of great best friends, since they need to be similiar to me and my goals or morals. I believe in Jesus as the son of God and in the Bible only. I consider myself a laid-back person but very determined in my goals and plans for the future. I believe in helping people. When things need to be completed, I complete them entirely and without hassle to get the job done.


My goal is to obtain a Federal career in Law Enforcement such as

CIA, FBI, ATF, JTTF, DEA or any other affiliation with Federal Law Enforcement.


Law Enforcement, Marksmanship, Firearms, Vehicles, Military, History


Jan 2010Present


South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy
Jun 2011Present

Law Enforcement Prevention and Deterrence of Terrorist Acts

National Center for Biomedical Research and Training
Jan 2010Present


South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy
Jul 2011Present

NCEA Pro Active Patrol Seminar

National Criminal Enforcement Association
Feb 2011Dec 2014

SMD Operator

South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy
Aug 2011Dec 2014

Marijuana Analysis School

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
Jan 2010Apr 2012

Taser X26

Taser Training Academy