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As a real estate investment and construction company dedicated to producing a superior product, The Bryan Company and Mid South Development, LLC, focuses on quality construction and professional property management. Founded in 1977, The Bryan Company grew from the builder of single-family homes to real estate development, construction, sales, marketing, and management. Headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi, the real estate developer serves the Central, Southeastern United States.Led by Steve Bryan, the company furnishes experienced, qualified supervision in all areas of the business. Using Bryan Construction Company as the contractor allows control of each project for budgeting and meeting deadlines. The building management team coordinates research and development. Vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors are required to follow detailed procedures that meet The Bryan Construction Company expectations of superior quality. To give customers the best products the market has to offer, the designs and materials are updated often. Additionally, the company gives attention to energy efficiency and structural integrity.Construction of apartment buildings enables The Bryan Company to offer individuals a quality lifestyle. The company spends hours researching sites and studying marketing feasibility. Quality materials used for the interior and exterior construction ensure each site meets The Bryan Company’s vision for attractive, secure, and comfortable living. The company sees substantial growth potential through investment in multifamily rental developments in the current economy.