Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2012 - Present

Lab Technician/Analyst

AGAT Laborotaries

  • Prepare oil sand samples from clients to determine the percentage of oil in sand.

  • Work with toluene to clean flasks, collect bitumen, evaporate water from sample, etc.

  • Homogenize sand samples for consistency.

  • Record weight in spreadsheet before and after distilliation.

  • Fill reports documenting progress.

  • Wear proper PPE such as latex gloves, steel toed boots, gas mask, safety goggles, jacket, etc.

  • Analyze samples from CNRL, Nexen, Suncor, Imperial, etc. to meet their standards.

Feb 2011 - May 2011

Instrumentation Technologist (Contractor)

Suncor Energy
  • Edited, checked, and reviewed data sheets.

  • Filled in Materials Masters list.

  • Wrote order controls sheet for instrument count and replacements.

  • Created reports to demonstrate monthly progress.

  • Edited P&ID's as per changes desired.


Sep 2008 - Dec 2010

Industrial Instrumentation Engineering Technology Diploma

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT Polytechnic)

Process Instruments and Industrial Analyzers

  • Did selection, installation, calibration, and maintenance of mechanical, analogue and pneumatic instruments.

  • Learned about instrumentation drawings, calibration standards, accuracy, types of transmitters used in process measurement, final control elements and their accessories and basic control concepts.

  • Learned about humidity, turbidity, toxic and explosive gases and applied the knowledge to successfully calibrate numerous analyzers.

Instrument Maintenance

  • Effectively learned about, and used power tools, with proper precautions, and safety.

  • Soldered wires, installed gaskets, and reverse engineered a control valve.


  • Learned the theory, and successfully programmed both PLC (Allen-Bradley), and DCS (ABB, and DeltaV), using numerous languages such as Ladder Logic, Sequential Function Chart, Function Block Diagram, etc. etc.

Project Management

  • Followed rules from a Design Basis Memorandum, and drew a P&ID accordingly.

  • Used numerous software’s including, Microsoft Visio for creating templates and P&ID, SmartPLANT for Spec sheets, Microsoft Project for Gantt Charts, Microsoft PowerPoint for presentation, etc. etc.

  • Did work breakdown structures, organizational charts, responsibility charts, Gantt charts, etc. to organize work, and stay ahead of deadlines.

Certification and other accomplishments

  • Completed the H2S Alive training, Electrical Code for Hazardous Locations course, Occupational Health and Safety course, Transportation Dangerous Goods certification, First Aid certification, WHMIS certification, Petroleum Safety Training certification.




Skilled in calibration of both Pneumatic and Electrical instruments.


Designing website is a hobby.


Completion of one semester course in AutoCAD. Used alternative program MS Visio to design P&ID's, PFD's, and loop diagrams. 

InTools (Document Control)

1 full year experience in Document Control of variety of valves using InTools or SmartPLANT. Work experience editing spec sheets in InTools and reviewing them.

Microsoft Office

Fluency in using variety of Microsoft products including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project, and Visio.