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For 16 years I have been involved in the development, architecture, delivery, and consultancy of mission critical software solutions at many Foturne 500 clients. I have designed and built systems for various industries including; Manufacturing Services, Accounting, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Engineering, Banking, Commodities, and Insurance. I excel in my ability to understand the given business problem, apply the proper technologies no matter the complexity, and improve the efficiency of a given organization.

Work experience

Jan 1999Oct 2009

Senior Principal Consultant

  • Successfully integrated product suites with many different middleware applications, front end applications, and databases. To accomplish this task, I was instrumental in the definition of how our products could integrate with the wide ranging technologies that each customer already had in place, presenting these scenarios to the client, and helping them make strategic decisions as to the best course of action.
  • After defining requirements, I was the Solutions Architect responsible for design and planning of system implementation.
  • As a hands on Solutions Architect, I was responsible for making modifications to our existing software suite using the following technologies; J2EE Servlets, JSPs, XSLTs, DOJO Framework, Velocity Templates, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, XSLT, XML, Axis 2 WebServices, and POJOs.
  • Successfully led the roll out of the largest software implementation of Oracle Insurance products at Liberty Mutual for their commercial auto lines. This involved a complex architecture, massive customizations, multiple integration points, many developers, and an extensive requirement study phase. After successfully rolling out this solution, Liberty Mutual could generate, and review a policy within minutes, and send the policy out the same day. Before this system was implemented, it would take weeks for a commercial auto policy to be generated and sent to the policy holder.
  • Designed, built, and delivered the first successful Oracle implementation at British Petroleum of a commodities contract automation system using a suite of products, one of which was still in Beta,on time and under budget. The developed system cut down the time to generate a contract, notify the counter party of its terms, negotiate, and sign the ensuing document from almost a month to a matter of a few days. This successful implementation created the opportunity for Oracle to maintain a long term professional services contract, which is still in place today.
  • Installed all project required software on and maintained a multiuser IBM AIX based systems for all of Professional Services. Also was the main point of contact in case any issues arose at any point in one of the project’s life cycles. The installed software on this PowerPC included but was not limited to the following; multiple versions of WebSphere, Tomcat, DB2, Oracle, MQSeries, and JBoss.
  • Created and lead a working group for Professional Services personnel, Product Development engineers, marketing specialists, sales engineers, as well as executives to collaborate on product direction. This group was ultimately responsible for defining key customer requirements, as well as helping to define the specific needs of our customer base.
  • Provided consulting services by acting as product knowledge expert and architect for various implementations from small to large scale
  • Successfully upgraded a base enterprise software suite to a newer version without impacting the client’s previous multi-million dollar investment in less than 10 days, without a predetermined road map or upgrade path. This ended up saving the customer from a complete rewrite, and an expenditure of many millions of dollars. 
Aug 1997Dec 1998

Applications Software Engineer

Rosetta Technologies / Engineering Animation
  • As a Software Engineer, working with UNIX and NT based systems, I modifying code using C++, deployed the software into Lockheed Martin’s Rocket and Aviation environments, automated daily tessellations using the Perl scripting language, and directed our product’s development in accordance with Lockheed’s needs.

  • Designed and built integrations between the viewing offering at EAI(Later UGS) and Documentum’s Document Management software for Corning Glass.

Sep 1996Aug 1997

Information Systems Consultant

Metro Information Services
  • Developing a 2D viewer using Rosetta’s (later Named EAI) API’s, to view parts lists and part drawings for the F-22 and C130 Projects. The application's front-end tool was CA-OpenRoad, with a back end of CA-Ingres. The Viewer however was developed using C and X-Motif.

Oct 1993Oct 1996

Engineering and Scientific Consultant

Logic Technologies
  • As a software consultant I worked on all phases of the development life cycle, from requirements gathering to development, implementation, and maintenance while at various client sites, using C++, Visual Basic, and SQL Server.



Linux Unix


Sun Certified Business Component Developer for Java 2 Platform

Sun Microsystems

Sun Certified Developer For the Java 2 Platform

Sun Microsystems

Sun Certified Web Component Developer For The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition

Sun Microsystems

Sun Certified Java Programmer For the Java 2 Platform

Sun Microsystems