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About Me:

I am Nicholas Yousif. I was born in August 11,1998 in El Cajon, California. I live in Rancho San Diego with my parents and two brothers and go to Valhalla High School. I have many goals I would like to accomplish in this next four years. Some more unrealistic than others, like me wanting to be able to dunk on an NBA regulation basketball rim, but still goals. My biggest goal as of right now is to make it to college, any university that is willing to accept me I will be thankful for and feel blessed. My dream colleges that I am applying to include SDSU, UCSD, PLNU, Michigan State, and The Ohio State University


Sep 2011Jun 2016

High School Diploma

Valhalla High School

1725 Hillsdale Rd, El Cajon, CA 92019

Current GPA: 4.0

Rank: 67/467

SAT: 1620

ACT: 25

AP Scores: AP World History: (Impressive huh)

                        AP Biology: 3

                       AP Language and Composition: 2

                        AP United States History:  3

                        AP Literature and Composition: TBA

                       AP Calculus: TBA

                        AP Government: TBA


12th grade: AP Literature, AP Government/Economics, AP Calculus, AP Physics, Associated Student Body (ASB)

11th grade: AP Language and Composition, AP US History, AP Biology, Honors Pre-Calculus, Digital Arts, Teachers Assistant

10th grade: AP World History, Honors Algebra 2, Honors Chemistry, Honors English Literature, Physical Education, Honors Spanish 5/6

9th Grade: College Prep English, College Prep Geography, Honors Geometry, Biology, Spanish 3/4, Physical Education

Work experience

Nov 2015Present

Sales Floor


I am currently a member of the sales floor team at my local Target. I have just recently started but I am getting the hang of it. I work the cashier, returns, and customer service.

Dec 2014Nov 2015


Giant New York Pizza

I work as the manager for my Uncle's pizza place in Point Loma California. As manager I pretty much do everything at the restaurant. I answer the phone, work as the cashier, and know how to make everything on our menu (salads, fried foods, sandwiches, Philadelphia cheesesteaks) except the pizzas which we leave for our employees that are skilled in making them. I also occasionally go on deliveries and run our social media accounts.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  1. Flying Norsemen Club (Treasurer)- The ultimate frisbee team at my school.
  2. Orange Nation TV Club (Vice President)- We live stream every home football and basketball game with play by play commentary. 
  3. Chess club (President)- We meet weekly and play in fun chess matches and tournaments
  4. Member of the anti-bullying club
  5. Member of Key Club
  6. Member of Thor's Thunder, our school's spirit section club.
  7. Played football my freshmen year
  8. A member of the link crew program that helps incoming freshmen
  9. Participated in Unity days which was a day where people were free to talk about whatever they want and get help with their problems.
  10. I was chosen to participate at a TedX youth conference.
  11. Was invited to the Congress of Future Science and Technology leaders presented by Buzz Aldrin.

Interests and Community Service

Link CrewI will be a part of 60 other leaders who organize activities for upcoming freshmen. The goal is to ensure a convenient and easy transition into high school for them. There is a chance I might be elected to one of the leadership positions.

Unity Days- I am apart of a school-organized event day where leaders would do activities with current sophomores to establish a connection and learn about their struggles in life.

Bible Studies- A weekly program at my Church where we participate in activities and have a lot of fun.

RSD Elementary- My brothers current and my former elementary school, I try and help out as much as possible at events and activities such as carnivals and dances.


"If you don't believe in yourself...who will?"