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Work experience

Travels through worlds

Time and Relevant Dimension In Space (TARDIS) 

Traveling to different time zones and periods of the world, to save Earth from deadly disasters of creatures of the universe! 

Therapist: When Vincent Van Gogh was alive, everyone thought he was crazy, seeing monsters, I helped him face his fears. 

Teacher: I cared for young boys in the 1900's when the war was going on and I saved thousands of boys going to war, taught them everything about strategy

Time Lord: I regenerate like reincarnation, same memory, but different me! I live forever and will never die unless I don't have enough energy to regenerate 



Doctorate Degree

University of TimeLords 

I know all the information of the universe, including when Earth formed itself from rocks. 



University Of Time Lords 

I have a certificate in all languages, with hispanic history, to asian history, to animal species as well as talking to babies. 


Bachelor's Degree 

University Of Timelords

Bachelor's Degree of laws, and music, I was in University Of time lords 3 to 5 years.