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Centro de Excelência Empresarial – CENEX, Uberlândia, Brazil

Activity: Voluntary Tutor of the free course "Basic skills for the job" given to lower-class Brazilian adolescents, who were seeking their first job. 

State School Honório Guimarães, Uberlândia, Brazil

Activity: Creation of the program "Radio in schools", which aimed provoke more interaction between lower-class students and the teaching staff through the radio.



Corel Draw, Pagemaker, MS Office (Word/Powerpoint/Excel), Access basis.


English, Portuguese and Spanish and Italian basics.


References are available on request. 

Work experience

Feb 2009Jan 2013

Senior Marketing and Communication Analyst



•Development and execution of the Marketing and Communication annual plan taking into account the global business plan.

•Development and execution of innovative events to the clients and prospects reinforcing the long-term relationship.

•Manage and organize sector fairs and sponsorship.

•Responsible for the budget control and measurement the results.

•Development and execution of the Internal Communication annual plan.

•Creation of sales campaigns and strategies to brand reinforcement between the employees.

•Plan and organization of the national annual sales convention.

•Internal trainings: “The importance of Marketing and Communication in your sales”, “Business Etiquette and Corporate Style Tips” and “Organizing Perfect Events”.

•Responsible for the layout and the distribution (internal and external) of publications about food and agribusiness.

•Responsible for the internal newsletter (content and layout).

•Responsible for intranet content.

•Development of internal publications about Sales, Products and Client Orientation.

•Development of strategies to increase the quality of the personal selling of the Relationship Managers. 

•Development and launch of the new website

•Responsible for the direct marketing projects for the Rural Banking clients. 

•Project leader and responsible for the development of the Rabobank database in Access and later gives support to the current CRM.

•Producer of the Rabobank Brazil film.

•Relationship with suppliers. 

Mar 2008Jan 2009

Marketing and Communication Analyst

Ideia s/a Marketing and Communication


•Development and execution of the Marketing and Communication campaigns.

•Development of strategic planning.

•Guerrilla Marketing.

•Newsletters (production and content).

•Digital Marketing.

•Development and execution of events.

•Video producer.

Jun 2007Jan 2008

Intern - Communications Department

Regional Election Court



•Contact with journalists.


•Execution of events.

•Newsletters (layout and content).

•Internal communication campaigns.

Jul 2005Feb 2007

Intern – Marketing and Communication Department

Centro Universitário do Triângulo Mineiro (Unitri)



•Digital Marketing.

•Execution of events and careers’ fair.

•Internal communication campaigns.

•Newsletter and magazines (layout, photography and content).

•Video producer.

•Advertisements and marketing campaigns.

•TV and radio production.