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focusing on Web development and BI analysis


Sep 2013Jun 2016

Software Development and Programming engineer


Esprit School Of Engineering

Sep 2011Jan 2013

Statistical engineering


Statistical engineering and data analysis

Technical Skills

Business Intelligence and data Analysis

Data Warehouse,Statistical analysis, Data Mining, Machine Learning, 

StatisticsSAS (business analytics and business intelligence software), SPSS, R , OBIEE (oracle BI entreprise edition) , Elasticsearch Kibana Logstash

Services:Elastic found service  , OBIIE cloud service

Web Development

Web Design :

       *Language: html5, css3 (Sass et Less )

       *Framework: Twitter bootstrap, Google material design

Developer Front-end :

      *Language: JavaScript , Xml, JSON, Yaml

      *Framework: JQuery, angularJs

Developer Back-end :

      *Language: java, php5, c#, javaScript

     *Framework:  JavaEE (JSF, JSP) , Symfony2 , ASP.NET, Spring, NodeJS

Service  Oriented Architecture :

    *Creation Web services : RMI 

    *Architecture : SOAP et REST

Software development
  • Java (swing and JavaFX , C#, android

Adobe : Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Audition

Operation systems
  • Windows (Desktop), linux
Administration de réseaux
  • Windows 2003/2008 servers
Administration de base de données
  •  MySQL
  • SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • MangoDB

Work experience


Freelance Web Developer

Free lance

Front-end ,Back-end and  Web services freelancer

Jun 2015Sep 2015

Manager and Developer


-Managed and Created the first tunisian pkatform for Beauty  and cosmetics  with Symfony2 Framework

-Developed admin dashboard and different users interfaces (moderator, free and premium accounts)

-Used FOS User  Bundle, Message Bundle, Sonata Admin Bundle

-Used for  front-end design Twitter Bootstrap and Google Material Design

-Used ElasticSearch  for the indexation od the database followed Kibana and Logstach for the BI analysis

-Still testing on

Jan 2015May 2015



-Developed within a team an application with JavaEE colled Witnessbook witch is a global version of “on a testé pour vous”

-Used JPA using swing for the admin dashboard , EJB for the back-end and a WAR project with JSF

-Used a linguistic parser and integrated a mapped dictionary for the sentimental analysis using binary trees

-Clustered a jboss application server (wildfly 8.1) for a high availability

-Indexed the database using ElasticSearch

-Integrated several Google APIs such as : G Drive, GMaps , Youtube

-Used PayPal for the online payments

-Designed Using Twitter Bootstrap material design

Mar 2015May 2015

Developpeur Web


-Designed and Developed a management solution for an entreprise called Colorama using Symfony2 Framework 

-Implemented an admin dashboard and the employee's interfaces 

Sep 2014Jan 2015



-Created a multiplateform application called StarsUp ; a crowd-sourcing platform 

-Implemented a Desktop application using JAVA , a Website with Symfony2 and a mobile app in J2ME

Jan 2015Jan 2015



-Created a Java application that simulates the traffic according to Fulkerson algorithm ( graph and linear programming )

Jan 2015Jan 2015

Freelance Web developer


-Implemented a  website with Symfony2 Framework of Evento business ( gallery of events and admin dashboard

Jul 2014Sep 2014

Stage en tant que developer Java et JavaEE

Tunisian tradenet

internship as Java and JavaEE developer in TTN ( Tunisian Trade Network ) on a desktop application (JPA with swing and WAR JSF) and reporting with Ireport for dynamic statistical reports provided to the customer

Jan 2014Jan 2014

Bus Map

Bus Map

The design and study ( Commercial, Financial, Marketing Strategies ) a Bus Map project ( project aims to use GPS and sensors in the bus and calculate the time remaining and the number of places available and display in major bus stops


Survey on waste management , mobility and public transit and shopping habits of Tunis


-the survey has a full statistical analysis with SAS BI software following a methodology that includes two parts which are ; the determination of sample design ( the target population , stratification of the population and the sampling strategy )

-assessed data quality ( presented how sampling errors and non sampling - errors  are processed, imputation strategy and the response rate. ) .

Jan 2012Dec 2012

Support Technician


For the operation SFR internet, telephony and TV

Language Skills

  1. Arabic: mother tongue
  2. Current French
  3. Fluent English
  4. Spanish : basic

Voluntary Work

  • TEDxESSAI organizer in February 2013
  • Organizing Team in March 2014 TEDxESPRIT
  • Member of SSF ( without border statistician )
  • Member since 2013 ATIS ( Tunisian Association of statistical engineer )
  • Member of Junior Enterprise ESSAI 
  • Recycling official Green Spirit
  • Sport: volleyball , basketball, pingpong
  • other: 


  • Sport: volleyball , basketball, pingpong
  • Music : Amateur music , drummer and percussionist ( cajon , djembe bongos congas tam tam ... ) more live notament TEDxPilote Bourguiba in 2014