Team Leadership

Communication is one of Tom's top skills.  He has a strong ability to gather viewpoints from all and develop solutions that engage team members in desired outcomes . . . thus assuring individual commitments to needed actions.  He is an effective team leader in dealing with challenging issues that must be resolved quickly.  He effectively uses accountability tracking tools to insure team members fulfill their commitments in a timely manner. 

Leadership Development

For more than thirty years Tom has mentored and coached a wide range of executives and senior managers in the development of their skills as team leaders.  He has developed a wide range of tools that help organizations form teams that are focused on achieving sustainable results in serving customers profitably.  He is a skilled executive coach and mentor who focuses on the development of individual leadership skills including the development of new team leaders.

Systems and Controls

Throughout his career, Tom has studied, analyzed, designed and implemented a wide range of financial and operational systems using current information systems teachnologies.  Tom has led his clients in adopting new technologies that drive strategic advantages.  Tom is skilled in process flow techniques and the development of new processes to drive operational efficiencies using information systems technologies.   He designed and implemented an accountability tracking system that has been used extensively to document and manage the actions needed to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

Financial Analysis

Tom has developed an advanced set of skills in the analysis and projection of financial results from operations. He uses complex electronic spreadsheets to develop advanced financial and operational models to assess the impacts of alternative management decisions.  These models have been used to project impacts of a wide range of alternatives in situations where decision makers needed to know:: The financial viability of new business concepts and strategies. The human resources needed to carry out strategic decisions. The cash flow needs of alternative strategies. The facilities and other resources needed to support dramatic changes in operations. The financial and operational impact of national growth strategies.

Work experience

Work experience
1999 - Present


Teamwork Dynamics, Inc.

Provides executive level support to CEOs of firms seeking to drive results through management teams.  Clients include companies such as Novartis, Orix Financial, Frito Lay, Pizza Hut, CapitalOne Auto Finance, Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University, Components Corporation of America, Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, Sealco, and Vought Aircraft.

Sep 1985 - Present

Associate Board Mentor

Tom has been a member of the Associate Board for more than 20 years.  This group of more than 200 Dallas area executives provide MBA students with business contacts, career advice, and industry insight that only experienced professionals can offer.  Nearly 100 MBA students have been mentored by Tom since he was asked to join the Associate Board.

Oct 2005 - Jul 2006

Board Member, Chairman Audit Committee

Trulite, Inc.

Served as independent director and Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors for this startup hydrogen fuel cell development and marketing company.While serving on the Board of Directors and Audit Committee, the Company began the process of its initial public offering of stock.

1990 - 1999


Technology Exchange Networks, Inc.

President and Ownerof professional services firm providing executive level management of operations and projects for CEOs of firms seeking to make significant changes in information systems and executive teams.Projects included organizational studies marketing studies, recruiting services, outsourcing information services, and retained searches for senior executives.

1988 - 1990


Focused on conducting retained searches for executives to lead technology companies and technology functions in medium to large companies.  Assisted in the development of strategies and processes to establish an on-line, centralized data base of all individuals contacted by the firm in conducting search assignments.

1988 - 1988

President, CEO

Conductor Software

Assist the founders in creating a successful software venture to develop and market the ACT! contact management system.

1961 - 1987


Partner in Charge of the Arthur Young Technology Center at the INFOMART where he led professional teams delivering services to the microcomputer industry, end user organizations, and microcomputer users.Developed large-scale projects in product marketing and litigation support for microcomputer vendors.1985-1987 (Dallas, TX) Partner in Charge of Microcomputer Technology for Dallas Office.Developed and delivered a wide range of microcomputer consulting and training services.Assisted start up companies with microcomputer product assessment and business planning.1980-1984 (Dallas, TX) Regional Partner in Charge of Computer Auditing.Organized and directed the computer auditing support activities in seventeen offices in the southwest and southeast part of the country that included recruiting, training, and managing more than 100 individuals who specializd in supporting the audits of computerized accounting systems.1974-1979 (Dallas, TX)

National Director of Computer Auditing.  As the firm's first Director of Computer Auditing, Tom organized and directed a national office team that provided support to the Firm’s computer auditors, management consultants, and timesharing users.  He represented the Firm on American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) committees which developed the accounting profession's initial auditing and control standards that guided the work of public accountants in auditing computerized accounting records and systems.  1971-1974 (New York, NY)

Manager.Developed the accounting profession’s first Computer Auditing Specialist program.  Led the development of audit processes and techniques necessary to deal with computerized accounting systems.  Led the development of training programs for individuals selected to become computer audit specialists.   Led the development of training programs designed to introduce all of the Firm's auditing professionals to the challenges of auditing computerized accounting records.  1968-1971 (Santa Ana, CA)

Senior Auditor.  Conducted public accounting firm audits of numerous private and public companies.  Developed numerous processes and techniques for dealing with computerized accounting records and information encountered during the course of audits. 1964-1968 (Kansas City, MO) 

Staff Auditor.  Participated in conducting public accounting firm audits of numerous private and public companies 1961-1961 (Kansas City, MO) 

1962 - 1964


US Army

Commissioned as an Ordinance Officer upon graduation from Creighton University.  Served at Fort Campbell as the Post Transportation Aircraft Maintenance and Supply Officer where he supervised a civilian contractor company supporting aircraft maintenance for the 101st Airborn Division, supervised a post-level aircraft parts warehouse, and managed the Fort Campbell Post Transportation inventory of vehicles.







Kansas, California, New York, Texas