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I graduated from the third year of university, and try to get an internship at a major company to apply this knowledge in practice, to improve my skills for future work,to acquire new business contacts, and also to improve my teamwork skills.


I am very communicative, ambitious, self-confident and organised person who is used to working under pressure in team and alone, dynamic person with excellent organisational skills. I characterized by strong internal organization, moderation, compassion, willingness to learn, with sense of responsibility and full devotion to a given area of work; I have analytical skills, aspiration for professional and career growth.

Work experience

Dec 2010Present

English tutor

Private lessons with primary school pupils.


Sep 2012Present

International Economy

Alfred Nobel University
  • Leader of group
  • I finished 3 years. University studies are held in English. The program is approved with the Welsh university according to the European standards and requirements.
Sep 2001May 2012


Specialized secondary general education school №9 with enhanced studing of English
  • Leader of group
  • Specialized courses in English:
  1. Technical translation
  2. Business English
  3. Country studies

Interests and hobbies

Versatily developed personality with active living position and a set of interests.

I am fond of psychology, reading, teaching, cooking, studying the laws of different countries, music, photography.