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Council for Education Travel, USA



Long Beach State


International Education, Education Travel, Executive Management, Non Profit Fundraising, Strategic Planning


As President of the Council for Educational Travel, USA (CETUSA), Terry Watson uses the experience and knowledge gained from nearly 30 years of leadership in cultural exchange programs. CETUSA provides students, young professionals, and other individuals the opportunity to travel the world in order to study, receive professional training, and develop an appreciation and understanding of different cultures. A large part of the organization’s work focuses on educational programs. Terry Watson is responsible for every facet of organizational administration and works to ensure the programs succeed.

CETUSA offers several different programs for students at different levels of their education. The high school program facilitated by Terry Watson and CETUSA allows international students to attend an American high school for a semester or full academic year. Not only do students earn school credits while furthering their education, but they also improve their English skills through immersion in American culture at school and with their host family. Furthermore, Terry Watson ensures students have CETUSA support through a Community Coordinator.

Similarly, Terry Watson and CETUSA offer a private high school program. While the length of the program remains at the student’s discretion, this option will place them in a private school, which has the advantages of a smaller student body and more Advanced Placement(AP) classes. Some secondary schools also give students the option to live in a dormitory.

Finally, CETUSA’s community college program is designed to allow students seeking education past high school the opportunity to study in the United States. Terry Watson’s organization facilitates each international student’s enrollment in an American community college so they can continue their path to obtaining a university degree. The program allows students to transfer these credits to four-year universities.

Terry Watson also works to facilitate the other programs offered by CETUSA, including various work and travel programs, internships, and short cultural and linguistic courses.