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Work experience

Startup Consultant

Private Contractor

Help early and mid-stage startups get off the ground by playing the role of an advisor in a number of fields including operations, growth strategy, product design, financial planning, and technology architecture. Involvement is generally on a month-to-month basis in a limited capacity with the goal of helping the founding team structure and build a viable business model before bringing in top level full-salaried executives.Sample contributions include:- Design and scope product specifications for MVP and beyond.- Review technical architecture and infrastructure design.- Review usability and critique UX feature sets.- Model initial finances and provide comprehensive growth projections and capital budgeting analysis.- Create quarterly plans for strategic and operational growth including staffing and partnerships.- Create marketing presentations and launch plan.- Create investor decks and train team for fundraising pitches.All deliverables and discussions are strictly confidential and NDAs are encouraged.


New York City - DOITT

- Operations Consultant for 311 call center support services and quality assurance.

- Analyzed old performance metrics and bench marked against public and private sectors.

- Interviewed employees and reviewed current call response and methodology.

- Defined and recommended approaches to measure and improve satisfaction and efficiency.

Software Engineer

NexTag, Inc

- Developer for site optimization and page rank optimization algorithms.

- Search Engine Optimization for shopping comparison index pages.

- Managed suite of microsite experiments for user experience analysis.

- Technologies: Java, Javascript, Perl, PHP, CSS

Software Engineer Intern

Bosch RTC

- Developer for first generation 3D display system for in-car navigation.

- Satellite image parsing and re-encoding for navigation library.

- Streaming direction and image service to handheld Windows CE devices.

- Technologies: Java, C, Windows Mobile

Software Engineer Intern

- Developer for internal error tracking and monitoring service.

- Log analysis, aggregation, and filtering for fatal errors on new services.

- Large scale search integration and report generation.

- Technologies: Perl, Java, MySQL, Shell

Software Engineer / Product Manager

Google, Inc

Sales Engineering Team: Worked on supporting Adwords, Adsense, Gmail, and Groups products and CSRs. Responsibilities include active development, project tracking, and UI design for multiple products. Sales Engineering Ambassador to Beijing Adwords Sales Team office, assess and evaluate engineering needs.

Product Manager

- Presented quarterly objective reports, weekly status updates, internal marketing material, and user

feedback to senior directors, resulting in the company-wide adoption of a highly praised support system. 

- Created presentation decks and internal product pitches for review across global teams.

- Managed project timelines, key results, feature prioritization, and product evangelization.

- Facilitated relationships between customer and engineering teams to enhance operational efficiency. 

- Produced internal-pitch proposals for multiple high-impact projects around improving service metrics.

Software Engineer

- Led development teams of 3-5 engineers on multiple rapid paced engineering projects.

- Designed new customer-retention product that led to launch, resulting in a 15% increase in activity rate of

users that had inactive accounts.

- Architected backend for company-wide on-screen presentation scheduling platform that rolled out across

main campus and key global offices. 

- Implemented automated review system resulting in a 300% increase in efficiency for AdSense.

- Reduced headcount need for customer support team by 40 full time equivalents over 3 quarter.

- Mentored incoming engineers and created official team mentorship program.

- Maintained team onboarding documentation and training process..

- Technologies: Python, C++, Javascript, Java, Shell, MySQL

Senior Web Engineer

- Selected as the first team ambassador to Beijing sales office to build cross-border team relationship .

- Developed lead-generation software with projected revenues of $200MM over 36 months.

- Built extensive batching system for managing advertising campaign creative assets.

- Identified new opportunities for workflow optimization through merging top level systems.

- Designed new interface for advertiser support platform that increased usage efficacy by 200%.

- Increased customer satisfaction for problem resolution via online forum by an estimated 30%.

- Technologies: Python, Perl, Javascript, CSS, HTML

Senior Consultant Intern

Deloitte Consulting, LLP

- Strategy Consultant for major telecom client, launch of innovative and massive media distribution platform.

- Developed an extensive cost model structure for the next two year phase of the project.

- Led assessment of resource and timeline requirements, as well as strategic planning initiatives.

- Conducted executive workshops with the partner corporations and participated in process interviews.

- Documented key workflows for platform partners as part of the charter customer integration program.

- Developed materials for requirements gathering, gap assessment, and customer onboarding.

- Contributed to an eminence paper on media advertising trends, overseen by key practice leaders.

Analyst Intern

IA Ventures

- Analyst for boutique VC firm to analyze portfolio company performances and screen potential investments.

- Built financial model to track portfolio investments, IRR, returns schedule, and other key metrics.

- Built accounting model for key portfolio company for financial statements analysis of past year.

- Wrote one-pagers for key portfolio companies as well as summary outlines for potential companies.

- Screened companies through web form, online submissions, and phone calls.

Co-Founder, COO / CTO

Bread Labs, Inc

Venture backed social media advertising company that helps brands, celebrities, and influencers drive engagement through targeted promotions. Headquartered in SF and with a NY branch office, the company has prominent angels, and high caliber technology and sales teams.


- Core member of social media startup focusing on personalized billboards for shared content.

- Involved in long term strategic vision, marketing initiatives, growth and revenue generation.- Managed capital budgeting and financial planning (CFO duties). - Managed sales and engineering team in day-to-day responsibilities, quarterly milestones, and performance reviews.- Managed hiring and staff allocation across San Francisco and New York office.- Engaged several top tier venture capital firms to present, fundraise, and engage in financial planning.- Engaged in operational integration with partner networks, contract services, and third-party platforms.

- Liaison with API contractors, system architecture contractors (SolutionSet), and in charge of all related MSAs, SOWs, and work requisitions.

- Presented at numerous investor roundtables, startup alleys, and new venture competitions. Prominent events include Tech Crunch Disrupt, NYU EEX Conference, New Tech Digest.


- Responsible for all technical aspects of the company including feature design, development, resource assignment, application deployment, and technology scalability planning.- Chief architect of original infrastructure, db schema, backend framework, integration, and application.- Extensive design and ongoing development of core company product and database.- Managing a team of multiple frontend, backend, and system engineers as well as several interns.

- Technologies: Grails, Java, Javascript, Shell, Postgresql, Tomcat


Seasoned SMB consultant with an expert background in technology and startup operations. Location varies between San Francisco Bay Area and New York City.Currently focused on product and operations advisory for startups and young ventures. Recent experience include management consulting, venture financing, as well as strategic and financial assessment of large scale projects. Previous experience include product management, software development, system architecture, technology integration, search engine optimization, and user experience design. (Java, Python, Grails, C, C++, Perl, PHP, CSS, Javascript)CFA Level 3 Candidate

Specialties: Entrepreneurship, Product, Technology, Finance



Financial Modeling and Capital Budgeting

Product Management, Design, and Planning

Expert in Powerpoint, Excel, and Visio

CFA Level 3 Candidate


Java, Python, Grails, C, C++, Perl, PHP, CSS, Javascript

User Experience Design

System Architecture


Weilai Solutions Group

Advisor, Operations

Boutique consulting firm focused on supply chain, growth, and scalability

Beijing, China

Carbon Investment Group

Advisor, Technology

Investor representative for green impact technologies and solutions

New York, NY

Limitless Advisory Group

Advisor, Operations

Boutique consulting firm focused on financial planning and cost-reduction

New York, NY

Feld and Thomson Investments

Limited Partner / Advisor

Boutique venture capital firm in the cross-border data solutions space

San Francisco, CA / Beijing, China




New York University - Stern School of Business

Strong focus in finance, entrepreneurship and strategy. Specific specialties in management consulting, financial modeling, venture financing, and capital budgeting. 

VP of External Relations for Entrepreneurs Exchange

VP of Finance for Asian Business Society

Selected for Career Development Coach

Selected for Industry Mentors Initiative

Selected for Stern Consulting Corps



University of California, Berkeley

Focus in software engineering, user experience design, software architecture, and complex algorithms.

Minored in Business Administration with a focus in accounting and finance.

Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) Honors Society

UC Chancellors & Regents Scholar

College of Engineering Honors


UC Martial Arts Program

Tournament Director, 2007