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Work experience

Grinder (June 2008 to Nov. 2011)

DK Manufacturing - Lancaster, Ohio

Primary responsibilities included collecting scrap materials from plastic injection molding machines, recycling (grinding) these materials and either storing them for future use or reintroducing them back into the fabrication process. 

Secondary responsibilities were twofold; 

(1) Moving crated/finished products to their perspective staging areas via forklift (material handling)

(2) Loading and unloading trucks (shipping/receiving) via forklift

Packing Team Leader (Nov. 2011 to Aug. 2012)

I-Force Temps for: U.S. Corregated - Lancaster, Ohio

Primary responsibilities included leading a rotating group of temps through the process of assembling boxes and packing boxes in a fast paced roller-driven corregated press work station. 

Secondary responsibilities included moving palletized products off of the tail-end of the roller lines using a standard forklift and staging for shipment.


BSME Undergraduate

Franklin University (Columbus, Ohio)

Approximately 40 % complete (sophomore equivalency)

1979 Graduate

Lancaster High School (Lancaster, Ohio)


Forklift Certification

In-house through U.S. Corregated and DK Manufacturing