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The Citadel - The Military College of South Carolina

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What Dog Owners Can Expect from a Boxer

An experienced pharmaceutical professional, Terry Herring enjoys a variety of hobbies outside of his work as the president of commercial operations at Mission Pharmacal Company. A fan of Harley-Davidson, Corvettes, and history, Terry Herring also enjoys taking care of his pets: a horse, a teacup Chihuahua, and two Boxers, Lola and Monty.The Boxer is a stocky and powerful dog breed that is German in origin. Originally developed from Bulldogs and Mastiffs, Boxers were bred specifically to be hardworking dogs. Averaging around 21 to 25 inches in height and 53 to 110 pounds, they were often used to hunt and pull carts. Since the Boxer’s introduction to America in the 20th century, it has become one of the most popular breeds in the country.Boxers tend to be very high-spirited and enjoy playing games. They are eager to learn and very intelligent, making the breed good for competitive obedience. Boxers make great family pets, as they are friendly toward other pets and children. However, certain health issues often appear in Boxers, such as sub-aortic stenosis, epilepsy, and cardiomyopathy. Boxers are also more prone to hip dysplasia, as are many large dogs, and have a higher risk of developing tumors.Due to the Boxer’s smooth, short-haired coat, the breed is relatively low-maintenance. Regular brushing and bathing are typically all that is needed to keep a Boxer clean. Boxers are also able to live inside apartments or small households if they receive ample exercise every day.

Terry Herring: An Overview of the Master of Business Administration

A highly respected business executive with ample experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Terry Herring, MBA, is the president of commercial operations at the Texas-based organization Mission Pharmacal Company.The master in business administration (MBA) offers entrepreneurs in a vast range of industries a scientific approach to business management at a graduate level. Professionals considering completing an MBA sometimes have undergraduate training in a specific discipline and utilize the course components of the MBA to enter the executive or management level in their chosen industry.The theory and practice of business management is closely examined in the one- to two-year MBA coursework. A specialized MBA may take longer than the general course, but in all cases, fields of study such as economics, accounting, organizational behavior, marketing, and quantitative analysis are covered. Additionally, themes such as leadership, business acumen, networking, and communication are covered in depth. The cost of an MBA may be a sound investment if executive level careers in your industry of choice come with significant salary increases.


Acquiring a Bachelor of Science in Biology, magna cum laude, from The Citadel - The Military College of South Carolina in 1986, Terry Herring went on to earn a Master of Business Administration in Pharmaceutical Studies from Pacific Western University in 1994. Herring continued his studies, working rigorously to obtain a Graduate Certificate in Multimedia Advanced Technology from Mercer University School of Engineering in 1996. Terry Herring then studied at Duke University and London Business School, earning a Graduate Certificate in International Marketing in 1997.

Currently holding the position of President with Mission Pharmacal Company, Terry Herring has operated diligently for more than 24 years to accumulate a rich experience in the industry. At Solvay Pharmaceuticals, he functioned as Regional Business Director, Director of Training and Development, Director of Operations and Trade Affairs, and Director of Customer Marketing. Moving on to Ciba-Geigy Pharmaceuticals, Terry Herring held multiple titles, including Training Manager, Hospital Sales Manager, and Trade Relations Manager.

From November 1999 to 2010, Terry Herring worked at inVentiv Health in several capacities. Joining the firm as National Business Director of the Sales and Marketing,  he served as Vice President and General Manager of Sales. In 2007, Herring was named President and Chief Operating Officer. He also acted as President and Chief Executive Officer at inVentiv Commercial Services, Inc., a subsidiary of the firm.

An influential figure in the pharmaceutical sector, Terry Herring was listed in the PharmaVOICE 100 as an inspirational contributor to the field in 2007 and 2008. He has also served on the boards of Archway Marketing Services, Inc., Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, and Kirkwood Camp. He resides in Texas with his wife, Katie, two children, and a myriad of beloved pets.


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