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A seasoned professional in the biotech and health care investment industries, Terry Colip is currently active as Chief Financial Officer and Managing Member of Cell>Point. Terry Colip contributed to the founding of Cell>Point and has since served as an integral part of the company. Headquartered in Colorado, Cell>Point concentrates on the development of highly innovative molecular imaging agents licensed by The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Terry Colip’s company designed its technology with a specific focus on decreasing health care costs and improving diagnostic capabilities. Clinical trials for the imaging agents designed by Cell>Point are currently taking place at Montefiore Medical Center, Baptist Hospital of Miami, Johns Hopkins University, The University of Chicago Medical Center, and other prominent medical institutions. Before establishing his current career at Cell>Point, Terry Colip achieved diverse career experience holding positions such as Health Care Consultant for Coopers & Lybrand; Director of Health Care Finance for Underwood, Neuhaus & Co.; Director of Health Care Finance for Boettcher & Company; and Health Care Investment Banker with American Health Capital. Terry Colip’s notable career achievements include earning the Executive of the Year title from the Denver Business Journal and achieving recognition as a Biotech Rising Star of the Year. Terry Colip has been featured by many media outlets, including Fox Business Network, Fox News, NBC News Denver, ABC News Denver, and National Public Radio. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the College of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin. Continuing his education at New York University, he earned an MPA in Finance and Health Care Administration in 1981.

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New York University