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Terry Frank Richardson

Seasoned executive leader, strategist, and efficiency and process change agent with many years of leadership experience. My passion is streamlining processes and building teams to transform efficiencies, ignite creativity, and drive innovation.

Work experience

Dec 2012Present

Fraud Investigator-Special Investigations Unit

Plumas County Department of Social Services, Quincy, CA
    • Investigate known and suspected cases of fraud.
    • Provide policy guidance and fraud training to staff.
    • Foster cooperative working relationships with intergovernmental and regulatory agencies, law enforcement, housing, and the general public.
    • Ensure timely, accurate prosecution.
    • Ensure safe operations and risk management.
    • Conduct internal investigations and backgrounds.
    • Function as the department's Income Eligibility Verification System coordinator.
    • Analyze and evaluate statements from witnesses, bank statements, and other evidence; work cooperatively with other agencies to develop evidence; prepare evidence for District Attorney's Office.
    • Act as SIU Chief in all dealings with the State of California.

Achievements: Developed modernized policy for the unit, including creation of the administrative disciplinary hearing program, and migrated the department to electronic reporting.

Aug 2014May 2015

Associate Professor: Introduction to Administration of Justice / Introduction to Investigations

Feather River Community College, Quincy, CA
    • Leadership and development of programs and activities.
    • Participation in school and university service activities.
    • Pursuit of professional development programs.
    • Liaise with local industry leaders.
    • Develop curriculum and testing parameters.
Apr 2012Dec 2012

General Manager

Indian Valley Community Services District, Greenville, CA
    • Provide day-to-day leadership for the District; plan, organize, coordinate, and supervise all District functions and activities including human resources and finance.
    • Prepare and manage District budget related to the fire, ambulance, water, sewer, and lighting operations.
    • Provide policy guidance and program evaluation to staff and elected officials.
    • Foster cooperative working relationships with intergovernmental and regulatory agencies, District employees, vendors, and the general public.
    • Ensure timely, accurate regulatory reporting.
    • Ensure safe operations and risk management.

Achievements: Uncovered significant embezzlement, re-established fiscal oversight, restructured departmental personnel and budgeting system, improved community relations through outreach programs and a refocused mission statement.

Jul 2003Dec 2011


Pacific Security Intelligence, State of Nevada
    • Duties included directing operations of a consulting and investigation firm.
    • Directed the company’s Internet business, sales and new client acquisition.
    • Supervised and management investigations, to include criminal defense, corporate crimes, worker’s comp, employee misconduct and associated HR complaints.
    • Maintained and supported private and government contracts, including both federal and local government.
    • Performed safety assessments and developed emergency action plans for non-profit and private business organizations.
    • Directed human resources functions including employee screenings and backgrounds, sexual harassment complaints, hostile terminations, workplace violence, and employee policy development.
Jul 2007Feb 2009

Operations Manager of Personnel and Property

Nevada Pacific, Ltd., Alamo, CA


Apr 2001Jul 2003

Deputy Police Chief

Washoe County School District Police, Reno, NV
    • Day-to-day supervision of bureau operations and staff assigned to District’s South Division.
    • Personnel file maintenance and performance evaluations, compiled statistics on overtime, crime scene investigations, arrests, and cases taken.
    • Resolved citizen complaints and directed community and student projects. Supervised community programs and developed department policy.
    • Supervised clerical staff and oversaw cases and records division.
    • Internal affairs and gang unit commander.
    • Monitored gang member’s performance contracts and successes.
    • Juvenile Boot Camp Commander for troubled teens in a summer school camp setting.

Achievements:  Developed policy and directed arming of officers. Developed and implemented a new command system, saving the school district in excess of $160,000/year by streamlining the chain of command and reporting structure. Started the first bullying victim mentoring program in the State of Nevada.

Jul 1999Apr 2001

Director of Business, Human Resources, Risk Manager

The Incline Academy, Incline Village, NV
    • Responsible for the management of exclusive private school operations.
    • Supervision of all staff, including administrators, security staff, and maintenance personnel.
    • Completed employee evaluations, budget reports, and was liaison to board of directors. Project development and fundraising for new $90,000,000 campus.
    • Conducted background investigations on all staff, including the school board and top-level positions.
    • Contract development and compliance, employee and student discipline.
    • Managed confidential school records, correspondence, and information.

Achievements:  Participated as one of the leaders in successful accreditation process with Northwestern Association of Schools. Implemented and managed safety programs to provide secure environment for at-risk targets (celebrities/high profile children). Implemented new expenditure programs and administered employee benefits and served as the school's risk manager and Dean of Discipline.

Feb 1988Jul 1999

Sergeant / Deputy Sheriff

Washoe County Sheriff's Office, Reno, NV
  • Sergeant
    • Compiled sub-station statistics on overtime, crime scene investigations, arrests and cases taken.
    • Supervised clerical staff and cases, county work cards, and sheriff’s cards issued.
    • Completed internal investigations and followed up with employee discipline.
    • Ensured that staff was proficient in law enforcement tactics, strategies, and investigation techniques and directed investigations.
    • Managed street and jail operations.
  • Community Liaison Deputy
    • Selected by the Sheriff to organize and implement a community liaison office to interface with the community and other agencies.
    • Attended all citizens meetings as the sheriff’s representative throughout Washoe County to determine their needs and develop plans for area problems.
    • Participated in volunteer organizations requesting sheriff’s office assistance and represented the sheriff at meetings.
    • Developed and executed a neighborhood service team targeting blighted and high crime areas, serving as lead agency and team director.
    • Advised traffic committees and met with citizens groups about community growth and sphere of influence.
    • Kept statistics on community projects and evaluated patrol effectiveness.
    • Investigated top secret issues and high risk political cases.
  • Deputy Sheriff Training Coordinator
    • Duties included training office file maintenance on over 400 personnel.
    • Running daily operations of academy and recruiting.
    • Developing curriculum and instructing annual training for sheriff’s office staff.
    • Ensured all POST requirements and state laws applicable of training were met.
    • Participated in national training seminars and arranged for agency hosting.
    • Created and updated training lesson plans and submitted to State POST certification.
    • Evaluated recruits and administered examinations.
    • Recruited specialized instructors and scheduled training accordingly.
    • Maintained training database and a cataloged of courses.



Master of Science, Management

University of Phoenix

Bachelor of Science, Public Safety

Capella University



Basic POST Waiver

State of California

Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced POST

State of Nevada

Accomplishments / Memberships

Letter of Appreciation-Public Stewardship

Uncovered substantial fiscal mismanagement and embezzlement in excess of $670,000.

Washoe County Use of Force Review Board Member
National Judicial College on Juvenile Services
Law Enforcement Preparedness Committee Member

Regional Critical Event Management (Homeland Security)

SARB (Truancy) Commander
American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers Member
Academy and Training Coordinator
Internal Affairs Commander
President-Washoe County School Police Managers Union

Medals / Commendations

  • Alpha Phi Sigma
  • Delta Mu Delta
  • Letter of Appreciation for uncovering, investigating, and testifying in the largest embezzlement case in Plumas County history.
  • Letter of Exemplary Performance for excellent example of leadership.
  • Meritorious Sheriff’s Star for service above and beyond normal expectations.
  • Commendation for initiating the Neighborhood Service Team that reduced calls for service by 541%.
  • Commendation for conducting an inquiry into allegations of corrupt activities involving senior ranking members.
  • Commendation for organizing and directing a new enforcement team involving multiple agencies.
  • Outstanding Service Award from the Vocational Industrial Clubs of America for development of youth careers programs.