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Resume and Experience


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Employment Summary

G.E. Healthcare, Barrington IL (March 2014 – Sept. 2014) Sr. Technical Writer in support of Cardiovascular Imaging Software.

Sears Holdings, Hoffman Estates IL (Oct. 2013- February 2014) Online Help, Online Document Portal and Employee Training

MAXIMUS, Inc., Northbrook, IL    Sr. Technical Writer/Multimedia for Online Help Development.

Motorola Solutions, Inc., Schaumburg, IL    Training Content Developer, PowerPoint and Articulate presentations for end-user training.

Argonne National Labs Argonne IL    Technical Writer/Training Multimedia Producer (Department of Homeland Security)

Exelon Corporation, Chicago IL   Technical Writer/Business Analyst (Asset Management)

G.E. Aviation, Grand Rapids, Michigan    Content Developer/Writer/Multimedia Training Portal, Visio Work Flows (Earned Value Management System; C-130 aircraft)

United Airlines, Inc. Elk Grove Village HQ, IL   Enterprise Architecture Technical Writer (Procedures, Visio Work Flows, Worldwide Asset Management)

Ingersoll Machine Tool, Inc.  Rockford, IL   Technical Writer (User Manuals Electrical, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Control Stations: Mining, Aerospace, DoD, NASA)

Shure Electronics, Niles IL Sr. Technical Writer Online Help Developer (Audio product user manuals, A/V Conference hardware, languages)

MPC Products Corporation, Skokie, IL    Sr. Technical Writer (Database and Analysis testing: Airbus A-380 Aircraft Engine Cowling Lift Mechanism)

Motorola, Inc., Schaumburg, IL    Senior Technical Writer/Content and Online Content/Multimedia Developer (User Manuals and Software/Hardware Operations; Nextel, Emergency Dispatch and Secure Communications)

AT&T, Hoffman Estates, IL    Technical Writer (User Manuals, Software/Hardware Operations and Online Help Development)

Employment Details

G.E. Healthcare, Barrington IL (March 2014-August 2014)

Technical Writer for Online Help and Centricity Cardiovascular Suite

In this position I was responsible for the management, editing and content creation of manuals and online help  for a Cardiovascular imaging software product produced by G.E. Healthcare. The Technical Writer utilizes skill sets with Arbortext XML Editor, FrameMaker, MS Office and various content management applications such as PerForce, JIRA and HP ALM (Application Lifecycle Management). 


Sears Holdings, Rolling Meadows IL (Oct. 2013 – Feb. 2014) Documentation Specialist for Online Help, Online Document Portal and Employee Training

The Documentation Specialist is responsible for the development and organization of training and reference materials using RoboHelp to create and manage content, working with Oracle and JDA developers and the training organization to determine content and standards for documentation and coach others on the process. The Integrated Demand Replenishment Planning (“IDRP”) project goal is to improve Sears Holdings Corporation supply chain processes. Retailers and wholesaler-distributors are constantly pressured to reduce their inventory investment while keeping their retail shelves and distribution centers (DCs) stocked with the right merchandise. With JDA’s Replenishment & Fulfillment solutions, companies can improve their inventory management, enabling them to drive sales, contain costs and optimize service levels.

MAXIMUS Inc., Northbrook IL  (Jan – March. 2011 and Jan. 2012-Oct. 2013) Sr. Online Help Developer (User Manuals, Customer Training modules)

MAXIMUS, Inc. has a group called the “Higher Education Program”  which is where I was working for a short time prior to getting the call from Argonne’s Homeland Security project (but then returned to MAXIMUS after Motorola below). MAXIMUS’ Higher Ed group develops software for use by educational and health care entities nationwide for the analysis, reporting and production of Finance and Administration proposals, which are used to gain funding from Government resources.  The software is highly complex resulting in a need for a highly polished online Help system.  My years of experience with online help and multimedia also resulted in the production of online tutorials using Camtasia.

Motorola Solutions, Inc., Schaumburg, IL (May 2011-Jan. 2012) Training Content Developer, PowerPoint and Articulate presentations for end-user training.

Please refer to the previous Motorola entry for other details.  For this return to Motorola Schaumburg as a contractor in documentation and media development, the project involved the creation of Articulate and PowerPoint presentations for classroom and for online training of technical sales staff and customers for Motorola Radio Infrastructure products.  When the project concluded I happened to get a call from MAXIMUS asking if I would be interested in returning.

Department of Homeland Security at Argonne National Laboratory (March 2011 – May 2011) Technical Writer/Training Multimedia Producer.

Please refer to the following website for an overview of the current project:

At ANL, my responsibilities were the production of training materials and multimedia presentations for webinars and off-line publications, student scoring and other training materials for inspectors for the program known as CSAT: Chemical Security Anti-Terrorism.  All or most of my previous skill sets in online web production and video, animation and documentation are exercised in this role, including use of Articulate software.

Exelon Corporation, Chicago IL (Oct 2010 – Jan 1, 2011) Technical Writer/Business Analyst

IT Service Management (ITSM) is a collection of commonly practiced technology management disciplines for standardizing the way IT services are produced, managed and offered to business clients. As Technical Writer my functions included editing for Asset Management assessment reports and data analysis, creating and editing staff PowerPoint presentations, tables, charts and graphs for current and future state IT assets and infrastructure.  This also involved activities observing industry best practices in ITIL and the development of GOSP models, as well as Visio diagrams for current and future-state IT infrastructure for the client (Exelon Corporation).

G.E. Aviation (Grand Rapids, Michigan) (Oct 2009 – April 2010) Content Developer/Writer, Application Development Training

The Earned Value Management System (EVMS) provides a well structured, integrated and organized approach for applying EVMS best practices, providing tools and techniques as they reflect the ANSI/EIA 748 EVMS Guidelines. As content developer, my primary duties were the  creation of documents and an online portal for process training, including work instructions and handbooks, and creating interactive training presentations.  The web portal is primarily used by students (program and project managers) in preparation for taking officially recorded exams. Application training embodies interactive Visio and Acrobat PDFs, software training documents and a variety of different work aids.  This training and documentation portal was created with RoboHelp, and integrated advanced features of Adobe Acrobat, Captivate, Visio, MS Word and PowerPoint, requiring various code and script manipulations as well as graphics, icon production and text-to-voice audio manipulation.

    • Recommended, storyboarded, designed and constructed Web Portal using RoboHelp HTML.
    • Created/modified and cross-linked User Interface and Process Flowcharts using MS Visio.
    • Designed, scripted and created interactive training presentations and Flash videos.
  • Implemented unique interactive navigation system for MS word documents.

United Airlines, Inc. (Elk Grove Village HQ) (Permanent, March 2009 – August 2009) Enterprise Architecture Technical Writer  

United Airlines embarked in 2008 on a build-out of the entire I.T. infrastructure and asset management, worldwide, having re- in-sourced the responsibility and operations from EDS.  As such, I was fortunate to join the I.T. group as Enterprise Architecture Technical Writer.  As a shared resource across the I.T. organization, my responsibilities included producing swim lanes in Visio for roles and responsibilities in the new organization and working directly with project leaders on the creation of training documents and database operation user guides, such as:

  • Group interaction process maps.
  • System level requirements documents.
  • Software/hardware and network configuration documents.
  • Departmental progress reports.
  • Network mapping and interactive Visio web pages for wired and wireless networks, LAN room equipment, power supply and fiber optics in a High Availability system design.
  • Due to my expertise with Visio another large portion of my responsibility was the creation of an interactive interface prototype for a J2E software project which I called the United Airlines “Airport Configuration Database,” now in use by company for observing the real-time status and reporting of I.P. assets from each airport’s network operation center. I envisioned that in the final form, a company president or operations VP could get real-time data and observe the status of each network LAN room anywhere in the world by clicking a button on an interactive world map.

Ingersoll Machine Tool, Inc. – Rockford IL (Permanent, April 2008 – Feb. 2009) Technical Writer  

As the sole engineering technical writer, my responsibilities included creation and maintenance of user manuals, installation guides, technical specifications and other product documentation for machines involving the use of PLCs, HMIs, programming software and online help, and robotically controlled gantry and drill head/carbon fiber placement machinery.  With many years of experience with industrial engineering and automation working with machines and writing safety documents, and user manuals for communication devices and networks (Ethernet, DeviceNet, Profibus), I was immediately able to begin improving existing and creating new electrical, operations and maintenance manuals, working independently and with close interaction with machine shop and factory personnel.  In the mega-machine manufacturing industry, Ingersoll Machine Tool is a leader in the fabrication of robotic machines for milling and shaping of steel, aluminum and titanium, and the laying down of carbon fiber for aircraft structures required by customers such as Boeing, Airbus, Bath Iron Works for next-generation stealth naval vessels and NASA vehicles.

This position involved:

  • Conceptualize and produce user manuals for operator/programmer, electrical and mechanical maintenance personnel.
  • Create content via documentation residing in PLM, SAP and SmarTeam, and from engineering and sales spec sheets for robotics, electrical, mechanical, programmable controllers and motor components including cooling, lubrication and fluids systems.
  • Working with Engineering Manager and Liquids and Electricals Engineers to create standard operating procedures (SOPs) and bill of materials (BOMs) for engineering staff, draftspersons (AutoDesk, Catia and Dassault CAD programs) factory personnel and other manufacturing personnel.
  • Taking pictures for user/operator manuals and troubleshooting, break/fix. Create via photography and image manipulation, images of machines and components, and employ internet web technologies to create a customer CD interface to navigate PDF documents.
  • Lockout/Tag Out Procedure Writing.
  • Create ECOs (engineering change orders) and or ECNs (engineering change notices) based on work requirements.
  • Manage OEM documentation, reformat and reorganize, enabling customers to quickly and in full confidence, understand the complex nature of the massive and complex robotic machinery.
  • Improve, update and manage the Ingersoll website.

Shure Electronics, Niles IL (Permanent, Dec. 2004 – April 2008)  Sr. Technical Writer

In the entertainment industry, Shure is a recognized professional equipment provider for microphones and digital signal processors, wired and wireless radio microphone systems. I conceptualized and produced User Guides using Adobe software including Adobe Creative Suite and FrameMaker, and created Online Help for professional and personal audio devices used in venues ranging from congress to major concert venues.  Part of my function was to investigate and implement process improvement and the user manual experience.  Using leadership skills honed from my experiences at Motorola, I employed concepts of strategic thinking and tactical handling to create colorful, professional and well organized print, graphic and multimedia solutions.

  • For Agile/Eigner PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), created in-house training materials for lifecycle management, involving the integration of SAP and engineering tools into a single suite of software tools, and documents describing the management of Engineering Change Requests with the ultimate goal of increasing time-to-market of audio products.
  • Coordinated and produced customer CD sleeve artwork with packaging staff and marketing personnel.
  • Accomplished various microphones user guides with multi-language translation requirements.
  • Key contributor for XML and participation in department document management systems.

MPC Products Corporation, Skokie, IL (May-Dec. 2004) Sr. Technical Writer

MPC produces aircraft parts for commercial companies and the U.S. Department of Defense. As the only engineering-trained writer in the engineering staff, I created and maintained technical documentation, created and managed a Microsoft Share Point Content Management System, and operated within the system of Agile PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), for commercial and military aircraft and spacecraft flight control equipment.  Interactions and data collection also included hydraulic test bed, testing facilities and equipment.

  • Preparation of engineering documents describing product structure and value stream map for the linear actuator group’s latest Airbus A380 prototype.
  • Coordination of material planning, engineering and quality databases required in the development of prototype formats for data collection and publication.
  • Maintenance of product configuration/shipping records for Airbus A380 prototype.
  • Interface with engineering and quality assurance groups to document process improvements and corrective actions including instructions used by design and quality engineers to complete customer-required documentation.

Motorola, Inc., Schaumburg, IL (Permanent, 1997–2004) Senior Technical Writer/Content Developer

Conceptualize, create and maintain customer manuals and software on-line Help for the installation and operation of radio-dispatch infrastructure hardware and software, and Motorola’s iDEN (Nextel) system, for commercial and government/military agency application.  I designed and developed content for customer and training classroom based on engineering specifications and one-on-one interaction with engineering staff and customers, adhering to corporate documentation styles and standards for media production with Six Sigma authentication and accuracy.   All materials produced by the Worldwide Knowledge Transfer Group of writers, editors, animators and online help producers were constructed and tailored for PowerPoint and later CBT, used by trainer/educators at the campus “Galvin University.”  My career path at Motorola was to become a trainer/educator and this is an aspiration today.

    • Produced an in-house training video used to educate engineers on product features and installation.
    • Introduced concept for 911-dispatcher GUI modification for an “always on” user help window queue.
    • Created and modified cabling and electrical schematic diagrams and organizational and training charts.
    • Contributed significantly to content development department using FrameMaker and MS Office programs, Adobe RoboHelp and Captivate for style guides and implemented in an Arbortext Epic Editor/XML environment.
    • Created real-time alert and update documents used by field engineers and Acceptance Test Plans (ATPs).
  • Conducted and compiled results of an international survey for communication site employee and equipment efficiency and training effectiveness, for use at the executive level for training studies and change management.
  • Created SOWs and WBS documents.

AT&T, Hoffman Estates, IL (1994-1997)  Technical Writer

Collected, composed and edited Field Technician Documentation and produced graphics for telephone equipment manuals using Adobe FrameMaker and a variety of other software programs on various platforms.  Produced internal corporate graphics such as posters and Power Point presentations. 

  • Selected by management to become certified in RoboHelp on-line help.


MS Windows, all software and hardware required for networking and print production graphics and intranet communications, network routing, configuration, data and voice transmission, VoIP, encryption, and 4-color press operations, video and audio production, scripting editing and presentations, video security systems, VPN, audio/video conferencing. 

Other Experience: Machine shop and factory operations with heavy equipment and factory tools, shipping and front office management. Extensive experience with motor control stations for their manufacturing, assembly and wiring of control panels with programmable controllers.  As communications director, attending tradeshows as company spokesperson and authoring and management of a variety of websites both internal and external customer-facing.

MadCap Flare, Articulate (Flash animation) Engage, Presenter Quiz and SCORM functions, a/v editing and presentation production software, Adobe Premier, Pinnacle Studio, ProVision and Visio for Process Mapping and Roles and Responsibilities, Adobe Technical Communicator and Creative Suite including Acrobat, Adobe Captivate for online training, RoboHelp, FrameMaker, InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Microsoft Office, HTML, DHTML, Canvas, Dreamweaver, CorelDraw, SnagIt, Quark Xpress, ArborText XML Editor. ADDIE model and ITIL.

BFA, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1983; Shenandoah College & Conservatory of Music, 1980; University of Guelph, Ontario Canada (TV studio training) 1981.

Papers and Authorships

White Paper: Web broadcasting for organizations involved in training scenario generation,

Tradeshow Hall Intra-facility Video Broadcasting

Awards, Classes and Certificates

PCII, LENS, DHS, RoboHelp Online Help Creation, Six Sigma Training, iDEN (Nextel) Radio Infrastructure

Motorola Solutions Radio Infrastructure Networks, Performance Awards for Performance Excellence, Producer of the Year (Wheaton Television), TV Studio Production, Writing Effective User Guides, Managing Projects in Organizations, Creating Effective Presentations, Team and Project leadership.


Work experience