Terri Hall

Work experience

Work experience
May 1997 - Present

Testing Coordinator

Hickory Public Schools

The primary responsibility of this district level position is to coordinate the federal, state and local testing program. Extensive knowledge in professional training, application staff development, and data analysis is critical to effectively coordinating and teaching education assessment and reporting. 

Program Training 

  • Throughly prepare and support school administrators for day-to-day implementation and compliance through regularly scheduled training of program regulations and expectations.  
  • Regularly monitor/audit school level program implementation practice. 

Staff Development 

  • Create and implement software application staff development for administrators and teachers.
  • Web collaboration conferencing (e.g., WebEx, GoToMeeting, Moodle, etc.) for state, regional and professional development. 

Web Publishing

  • Populated and maintain department webpage, on the district's web portal, using Microsoft SharePoint. 
  • Use external sources (e.g., Wiggio, Ning, PBWiki, etc.) to publish and collaborate within the district


  • Evaluate assessment results and compile data into useful and presentable information for district and school leadership. 
  • Customize and present assessment results for administrators, teachers, parents and community stakeholders. 
  • Facilitate workshops on access through software applications and appropriate usage and analysis of data. 

Cross-Department Collaboration

Collaborate planning efforts on districtwide projects by serving as a committee member with multiple departments including:

  • Technology Department 
  • Program-specific departments (e.g., curriculum and instruction, exceptional children, student services, etc.) 
2004 - 2010

Director of Communications

Church of God

The primary responsibility of this position is to create and disseminate official church communication to inform both the church and public community.

Multimedia (Web, TV, Radio)

  • Created and maintained the church's website, served as webmaster.
  • Created and released announcements for local newspaper, television and radio station. 
  • Provided soundbite to promote the church during daily radio vignette. 
  • Prepared multimedia (video, audio, pictures, etc.) presentations for holidays, major events and various annual celebrations. 

Church Communication and Public Relations

  • Worked with the senior pastor and pastor's council to generate and publish information for the church community (e.g., visitor's welcome guide, membership directory, etc.) 
  • Worked with church leadership team and various ministry pastors to prepare the weekly church bulletin.
  • Used various multimedia resources (web, email, newsletter, etc.) to publish church events, church calendar and volunteer schedule. 

 Pastor Communication and Public Relations 

  • Worked with the senior pastor to create pastor's public and church communication (e.g., pastor's webpage, announcements, email, etc.) 
  • Facilitated conversations on behalf of senior pastor with the public organizations, and with the church clerk for various situations and events. 

Concert Planning and Promotion 

  • Worked with music agencies, band managers and church leadership team to plan music concert events. 
  • Worked with local radio station, local and internet businesses, and church leadership teams to promote concert events and ticket sales. 




I am seeing a career that will allow me to utilize the professional skill-set I have acquired over nearly 15 years as a professional as well as the cutting edge technological skill-set I bring as a recent graduate of technology education. 

Awards and Recognition


Certificate of Appreciation, Northview Middle School 

Golden Apple Award - Administrative Services, Hickory Public Schools 

NC FALCON, Reviewer, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction 

Next Generation of Assessments Committee Member, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction 

Superintendent's Office Committee, Hickory Public Schools  


Beta Eta Delta - Catawba Valley Community College

Dean's List Honors - Catawba Valley Community College

Dean's List Academic Excellence -  Bowling Green State University 

National Honor's Society

Phi Theta Kappa International Honor's Society

Membership Association

Salt Mine Church, Charlotte, North Carolina

United Way of Catawba County, Donor, Hickory, North Carolina  

YMCA of Catawba Valley, Hickory, North Carolina