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Avid golfer, has traveled the world, all over Asia and Europe. Favorite place is Paris. Lake Como is favorite destination.


Owned by Terrence Cosgrove, M-B Company Inc. is an equipment provider located in Chilton, Wisconsin. The company began in 1907 by three German craftsmen who invented, designed, and built equipment for agriculture and construction. Now the company focuses on snow removal vehicles, pavement marking equipment and multi-service and brush machines used in pavement maintenance and construction. Terrence Cosgrove recognized an opportunity to expand the company by offering services to underserved niche markets. His strategic direction is responsible for the continued growth of the company through difficult economic situations. Under Terrence Cosgrove's management, M-B Company’s equipment is responsible for 70 percent of the lines on America’s roads.

As Chairman, Terrence Cosgrove oversees the daily operations of the company. He supervises the company’s capital expenditures and controls the company’s financial matters. The company’s staff continues to expand under his leadership and management.

When he isn’t traveling between his Florida home and Wisconsin office, Terrence Cosgrove spends time golfing at The Club at Pelican Bay, a country club in Naples, Florida. He is an experienced traveler who has seen much of the world. He recalls Lake Como, Italy, as his favorite destination. Cosgrove is a faithful member of First Baptist Church. In the past, his charitable contributions extend to the Salvation Army and Big Brother/Big Sister.

Work experience

Nov 1974Present

Owner/ Chairman

M-B Company, Inc.

Day to day basis is responsible for managing the finances of M-B Company, Inc. as well as the future planning of where the company is going financially.

Responsible for the strategic planning for the company and acts as the banker for the M-B Company, Inc.. Controls the finances - Capital expenditures. Completes hiring of top executives.

M-B Company, Inc. has focused its efforts on key niche markets which has allow for steady growth through troubled economies. Personally stirred the company in the direction of acquiring niche specific companies which directly allowed M-B Company, Inc. to continue steadily grown and a positive pace for through poor economic times.


Aug 1963Jun 1965


University of Buffalo
Aug 1959May 1963


Gannon University