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Work experience

Oct 2012Oct 2103

Special Projects Manager


My position as Special Project Manager was on contract basis and I was placed in charge of converting the company’s existing users to the latest version of the payroll software.  This project required careful timelines and planning.  I was responsible to compile all marketing messages and sales activities on behalf of the company.

Aug 2014Present

Senior Marketing Manager

TomTom SouthAfrica(Pty) Ltd
Aug 2014Jun 2015

Senior Marketing Manager

TomTom South Africa Pty

TomTom South Africa, a division of TomTom Africa, offers businesses and government organisations high quality digital maps with accurate and extensive coverage of Africa and the globe on the world's foremost Location Based Services (LBS) platform. TomTom South Africa is an all-encompassing digital mapping company. Working together with TomTom Africa and partners, TomTom South Africa establishes innovative and comprehensive suites of digital mapping platforms to position itself as the leading international enabler of accurate location-based platforms throughout Africa.

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As the Senior Marketing Manager at TomTom South Africa (Pty) Ltd I focused on formulating a holistic marketing strategy for South Africa and Africa meeting the growth ambition of these regions.

The role included support for Expansion Markets. The position required a proven track record in bringing innovation with a strong background in online/digital marketing and strategic thinking.


Key responsibilities include:

  • Responsible for the marketing of company products and services and delivering measurable marketing results with ROI.
  • Establishing and maintaining consistent corporate image.
  • Developing an annual marketing plan in conjunction with the sales department. This detailed the year’s activities in accordance to the agreed company objectives.
  • Budget management - to deliver all marketing activity within the agreed budget.
    Event Management – annual customer conference, workshops, speaker and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Identification of potential strategic partner relationships for product lines.
    Client Marketing Collaboration – coordinating with clients on joint marketing efforts.
  • Devising strategies to drive online traffic to the company websites and developing and managing digital marketing campaigns.
  • Website Management – utilizing CMS platform to update content.
  • Social Media Management – managing the various social media channels.
  • Email marketing – quarterly newsletter and dedicated product e-mails.
  • To manage local media planning and media co-operations and achieve frequent, timely and positive media coverage across all available media as well as working closely with the media agency.
Feb 2014Aug 2014

Sales & Marketing Manager

PayDay Software Systems Pty

My duties as the Sales & Marketing Manager at PayDay Software Systems included:


Maintaining the company's website:

  • Gathering and executing the needs of the individual internal departments within the organization relating to the website.
  • Liaising with the website developers.

Creating brand awareness:

  • Social Media.
  • Print Media.
  • Expo’s and business network sessions.

Design of marketing material:

  • Liaise with service providers.
  • Research into different types of marketing material and corporate gifts.

Corporate Identity:

  • Ensure all documentation, communication and branding complies with current Corporate Identity.

New Products:

  • Special marketing campaigns when new products are being launched.
  • Monitoring of campaign progress.

Overall marketing strategy and execution of plans for the existing products.

Analysis of the effectiveness of all marketing efforts.


Staff Management:

  • Ensure staff is utilized to their full potential.
  • Ensure day to day operational efficiency.

Sales Operations:

  • Develop and maintain sales goals and objectives.
  • New business and lead generation on existing clients.
  • Measure sales process success.
  • Review and meet annual sales targets and budgets
  • On-site customer presentations.
  • Understanding competition products and the competitive advantage the PayDay product offers.

Team Participation:

  • Ensure up to date product and market related knowledge base.
  • Share knowledge and skills.
  • Sales team upliftment.

Customer Care / Client relations:

  • Understanding the client buy culture.
  • Develop and maintain sales value proposition.
  • Customer retention through well established relationships.

Sales Processes:

  • Maintain quotation templates.
  • Maintain workflow within CRM system.
  • Maintain and improve sales documentation.
Oct 2012Feb 2014

Business Owner

Pretoria Metro

After many years of experience in the corporate environment I decided to start my own business.  With 3 small children of my own and a love for events planning I decided to start my own children’s party venue.  The Little Party Place on Lynnwood was founded in October 2012 and is a boutique toddler party venue with exclusive party themes, entertainment and children holiday programs.  I focused specifically on a social media strategy to grow the business and within the first year I reached just over 2000 likes. As the owner of a small business I was responsible for marketing, sales, events planning, admin and financials.

Oct 2012Oct 2013

Special Projects Manager


My position as Special Project Manager was on contract basis and I was placed in charge of converting the company’s existing users to the latest version of the payroll software.  This project required careful timelines and planning.  I was responsible to compile all marketing messages and sales activities on behalf of the company.

Mar 2012Sep 2012

Manager - Existing User Sales Desk


My position as the Existing User Sales Desk Manager required me to manage sales from existing users in its entirety.  This included the responsibility for all sales marketing.  Existing clients produced 50% of all sales and thus required a target driven environment. Close evaluation of statistics included an analysis of the 24 000+ client base to access needs and gaps, success rate of marketing efforts and conversion rate of new leads generated.  The marketing drive in this position included internal and external communications with clients and payroll support consultants.  A very successful campaign for internal referrals form part of the duties that included reward schemes for company employees that convinced clients to purchase additional product offerings.

Oct 2011Feb 2012

Manager - New Sales Desk


My position as the Sales Desk Manager included the management of a team of consultants that stood at the front end of new business.  This team was responsible to convert new leads into possible appointments for sales consultants.  I was responsible for the processes of the sales office including quote templates, CRM workflow, sales documentation, lead statistics and the overall marketing campaign for new lead generation.

Oct 2010Sep 2011

Project Manager


My position as Project Manager entailed the Additional Employees Program and was a specialized project and unique to the specific company and industry.  The company decided to change its software so that each customer would be licensed for a specific number of employees per payroll software system.  I took overall charge of the segmentation of the user base.  I was actively involved in quoting customers for the relevant services that included annual license fee calculations.  This project was completed within a year and resulted in an additional revenue of R 25 million being billed.  I also received a Sage VIP Accolade for the work done on this project.

Oct 2007Sep 2010

Customer Care Manager


My position as the Customer Care Manager was focused on measuring customer satisfaction. My main aim was to ensure that the company delivered on its promise to customers as a business which was a “Customer Intimacy Discipline.” To achieve this I was instrumental in setting up the Customer Care structure in the business which is still used today. A well-known understanding of the entire business, the departments and client base was needed. Due to many years at the business I was able to easily set-up a basic foundation. This later grew into well designed process that contributed to measure overall company performance. The Customer Care Department was looking after daily customer compliments and complaints and then as a strategic focus conducting surveys for each department and business unit within the company. The results of these surveys was used to contribute to reward schemes within the business.

Apr 2001Sep 2007

New Business Development Officer


My position as a New Business Development Officer (Business Partner Consultant) was to concentrate on generating business by building relationships with industry related partners. These partners included accounting firms, auditors, hardware and software suppliers and time and attendance companies. 30% of new business was generated through business partner connections.  I gained a wealth of knowledge over the years about referral programs and the generation of new leads. A second leg of this position included Industry Specific marketing. The focus was on vertical markets to generate new leads.  I was head of this marketing program.

Dec 1998Mar 2001

Business Support Coordinator


My duties as a Support Consultant Coordinator included the co-ordination and administration duties for the payroll and HR support consultants and their day to day schedules.


Apr 2014Apr 2014

Facebook Marketing Workshop

Word4Word Marketing
Jun 2012Jun 2012

Cloud & Hosting

Jun 2012Jun 2012

SQL Terminology

Feb 2012Feb 2012

Crucial Conversation

Jan 2012Jan 2012

Legislation Training

Jun 2011Jun 2011

Vital Behaviours

Feb 2009Feb 2009

Management Training

Oct 2006Oct 2007

Client Service Excellence

University of South Africa (UNISA)
Feb 2007Feb 2007

Skills Development Workshop

C Spencer & Associates
Dec 2004Dec 2004


Jul 1999Jul 2000

Excel 97 - Intermediate & Advanced

Aug 1999Aug 1999

Word 97 - Beginners

Aug 1999Aug 1999

Word 97 - Intermediate & Advanced

Jul 1999Jul 1999

Excel 97 - Beginners

Jan 1996Dec 1998

BA Communications

North West University
Jan 1995Dec 1995

Grade 12

Ferdinand Postma Potchefstroom