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Good at wine tasting, easy to talk to new people, several years of wine experience, eating and cooking food, easy to learn, hard working and always a smile on my lips.


My name is Terese Nord, 26 years old, and a student at The Department of Restaurant and Culinary Arts, Ö;rebro University, Sweden. This education is for three years. I’m on my second year right now and during march the 2nd until first of may next year we´re going to have practical studies abroad.

Before my studies started I worked at the Swedish monopoly for wine and spirits. There, I got in contact with New Zealand wines and they are my absolute favorite. To have my practical studies at a wine yard in New Zealand and to see how you make the wines would be a very good experience and a dream for me.

I would be really happy if you could give me a respons to this applications and if you have any questions, please contact me or my references.

Best regards.

Terese Nord


Wines, food, spirits, new cultures, traveling and arranging events.


Happy, helpful, friendly and always looking forward to learning new things.


Sep 2007Present

Bachelor Degree

Örebros University

Ö;rebro University on Campus Grythyttan was permanently founded by the Swedish Parliament, 1993. In 2007 about 400 students are studying here on three programmes;

Chef and Culinary Arts and Meal Science 180 ECTSSommelier and Culinary Arts and Meal Science 180 ECTS Hotel and Hospitality Programme 180 ECTS

In these programmes great emphasis is put on practical skills, aiming to combine these with science as well as with working methods with aesthetics and creativity in focus. We study the meal/hospitality from a five aspect viewpoint with the following main five aspects: the room, the meeting, the product, the control management system and the atmosphere. This model is called: Five Aspects Meal Model (FAMM) and is used during planning, producing and evaluating meal/hospitality from an entirety perspective. The guest/diner/customer is in focus and we try to give her/him the best meal/hospitality experience possible in each situation. During the course of our education endeavours the students can be graduated in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Science, Bachelor Degree (B.A) 180 ECTS. 

Culinary Arts and Meal Science was established as a subject of post-graduate studies at department of Restaurant and Culinary Arts at Ö;rebro University 2002. The subject area definition of culinary Arts and Meal Science, as opposed to Culinary Science, was chosen. This is because Culinary Arts places great emphasis on practical skills, aiming to combine these with science as well as with working methods with an artistic content. Thus its scientific approach is a multidisciplinary one, joint effort with other sciences being necessary. Research areas such as ethnology, sensory science, public health, business economics, sociology, nutrition, all constitute adjacent branches. These areas treat the meal from various aspects. A multidisciplinary tutorship is arranged for the PhD students. The PhD degree programme is given in Culinary Arts and Meal Science. The five aspects meal model is also in focus when we put our research questions. Up to now eight PhD students have been accepted and four of them have taken their doctorate degree.

Work experience

Jun 2004Present



I was helping the customers to select wines and spirits. Also inform them about new wines on the market.

This is SystembolagetSystembolaget, the Swedish Alcohol Retail Monopoly, exists for one reason only: To minimize alcohol-related problems by selling alcohol in a responsible way, without profit motive.


Christopher Lööb

Christopher is one of the teachers at the Ö;rebros University.

Bo Anderstrom

Bo has been my boss since my first workday over three years ago. I'm still wokring part time at systembolaget.