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Psychology, Occupational Rehabilitation, Occupational Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Occupational Medicine


At the Center for Occupational Rehabilitation (COR) in Asheville, North Carolina, Dr. Terence Fitzgerald focuses on assisting individuals with work-related injuries. He also maintains a specialty practice at Carolina Health Psychology. Concentrating on a specific area of clinical psychology, Dr. Fitzgerald offers treatment for on-the-job injuries resulting in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). With expertise in catastrophic injury, he also provides verification of “fitness for duty” (FFD) or the ability to return to work. Areas of evaluation for an FFD include evidence of impaired concentration, threat of violence, paranoid thinking, anxiety, depression, or drug and alcohol use. As a trained professional, Dr. Terence Fitzgerald seeks to serve the needs of both the employer and the injured worker, assuring a smooth transition back to the job site that occurs only after careful consideration as to the patient’s overall health and well being.

Dr. Terence Fitzgerald graduated from the University of Rhode Island, where he completed a Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology. As a postdoctoral fellow, he also attended the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, where he served as an instructor in the Department of Psychiatry. Prior to forming the Center for Occupational Rehabilitation, Dr. Fitzgerald worked as a consulting clinical psychologist. Assisting the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington, D.C., in its outpatient pain management program, Dr. Terence Fitzgerald specialized in the treatment of work-related back pain and repetitive strain disorders in musicians and athletes.

As an active participant in the Asheville medical community, Dr. Terence Fitzgerald previously maintained privileges at the St. Joseph Campus of Mission Medical Center. He continues to contribute his extensive knowledge in areas ranging from workplace injury and recovery to peer-reviewed publications. Additionally, he has presented at area medical conferences. Dr. Fitzgerald also contributes to global aid organizations such as Heifer International.

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