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Terasa Sciortino

Freelance Project Manager/Executive Assistant/Property Manager

Work experience


Executive Assistant

Music Industry

I have worked for this grammy-award winning performer and his wife on a part-time basis for the past 10+ years. My duties have ranged from Estate Manager (where I was in charge of all household ongoings) to Personal Assisting the musician while in the studio and on tour.  For the past few years, I am called upon anywhere from a few weeks to a few months per year to be his "right hand" on tour or for special engagements (film, in-town performances, studio). I facilitate communications between the artist and his representatives as well as promoters and bandmates.  The Tour Manager and I work in tandem to ensure the artist and his band are well taken care of and everyone has what they need to make it a successful tour.  I am also somewhat of the documentarian while on tour and photograph and video the artist backstage and onstage for promotional and posterity purposes.


Resident Manager

Townhouse Apartments

I am responsible for the entirety of this 25 unit apartment complex. This includes collecting rents, overseeing the renovation of units, designing professional ads for vacancies, showing apartments, lease signings, scheduling maintenance and general care of the property.  Since taking over as manager, the revenue has increased 30%. This is considered part-time so I juggle other things in between.


Editor/Executive Assistant Temp


I assist prominent executives and celebrities when called upon for special projects.  This includes ensuring the communications originating from them is completely professional. I compose and edit anything from power point presentations to project  proposals and emails.  I also proofread and edit all of one client's screenplays before they get shopped to studios and production companies.


Office Manager

Houseplay, Inc

I ran the office and assisted two prominent interior designers in Los Angeles. This included bookkeeping, scheduling, ordering of product and any general design assistance they needed at the time.  Towards the end I was taking on clients and sourcing various materials for custom furniture and home design elements.


Resident Property Manager

Villa Rosa, 7850 Sunset Blvd

I was responsible for coordinating maintenance, collecting rents, handling tenant problems, putting out ads, leasing and evicting.  This 40 unit building went through a complete restoration, which I oversaw. In the few years I worked there, I was integral in a 35% increase of monthly revenue, resulting in sale of the building.



Equally comfortable communicating with the CEO of a company, celebrity rockstars or delegating tasks to a subordinate.   As such, able to accomplish just about any task with ease.

Aptitude/Problem Solver

High aptitude for picking up new skills and quickly becoming proficient. Encounters challenges with a smile and able to resolve them with efficiency.  Used to high pressure situations and works well under stress.

Proofreading/MS Proficient

Exceptional eye for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.  Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel.  Type 60wpm (if that's even a thing anymore).

Scientific Writing/Deconstruction

Able to research and compose complex articles as well as decipher scientific vernacular in order to create palatable content for the layperson.


Poetry and health articles have been published in various magazines. Successful sales of fine art photography at multiple shows in Los Angeles.  Currently working on a poetic photography book to be published in 2018.


2000 2001

1st Year Chiropractic Student

Cleveland Chiropractic College

Studies included Gross Anatomy with labs, Biochemistry, Embryology, etc.


B.A. Biology, minor Chemistry and English

Pierre LaClede Honors College at University of Missouri

Magna cum laude, Phi Theta Kappa, Honors Pgm Certificate


High School Diploma

Delphian School

Prestigious college prep school.  I graduated with emphasis in sciences.


Terry Jastrow/CEO Jastrow Productions

I regularly proofread/edit numerous screenplays for this award-winning television producer and sometimes do freelance work for him on a project by project basis.

Michael Meisel/Silva Artist Management

Michael is my artist's day to day manager along with John Silva at S.A.M.  I have worked closely with both for several years in handling their client.

Ian Robertson/ Owner Townhouse Apts

As one of his property managers, Ian and his wife often called upon me to draft letters for legal matters, business contacts or anything pertaining to the apartments.  I run credit, do lease signings and collect all rents. In order to present the units favorably so as to attract desirable tenants, I also take all photos and write the ads for any vacancies.


I have had extensive work experience in several different fields, from art to sciences to administration.  My aptitude is high and I am a brilliant multi-tasker.  I like taking on new challenges and putting everything into succeeding at them.  As such, I am dependable and self-motivated, detail-oriented and thorough. I seek to work with high-level individuals who appreciate and can utilize me to the best of my abilities.  I am able to handle a leadership position as well as be an independent and prosper in both situations.