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Tennis Express, in Houston, Texas, caters to the widest possible range of customers, from the operators of tennis facilities to coaches, teams, and individual players. The company carries an impressively wide inventory of racquets, footgear, on-court apparel, and accessories, as well as larger equipment, such as backboards, coach’s carts, ballhoppers, stringing machines, and ball machines. In addition, Tennis Express carries a broad variety of training aids, such as knockdown and popup targets, cones, and various devices to help players correct various strokes. Among the nearly two dozen different brands of racquet available are Head, Prince, Wilson, Babolat, and Dunlop; in addition, more than a dozen brands of tennis shoes, including such renowned names as Asics, Adidas, Nike, Yonex, and Converse are in the Tennis Express inventory.Tennis teams as well can find many products to meet their needs at Tennis Express, including team apparel, shoes, and bags. Special discounts are available for bulk purchases, and while the Tennis Express website offers thorough explanations and FAQs regarding its policies, customers always have the option of calling the store in Houston, Texas, at (713) 435-4818, to speak directly with a staff member.Many tennis players follow particular professional players; they emulate their playing styles and try to use the same equipment and wear the same on-court apparel. The Tennis Express website includes a Top Player Gear section; continually updated, it identifies each item of tennis equipment, apparel, and gear used by the top players, and allows customers to purchase the same items for themselves.Tennis players, teams, coaches and facility operators near Tennis Express’s location in Houston, Texas can take the opportunity to visit the store in person; those at a greater distance can avail themselves of the store’s website at