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A full-service commercial masonry business based out of Potomac, Maryland, Telligent Masonry, LLC, serves the area’s construction needs, regardless of project scope.

Whether working on a small project or a large one costing millions of dollars, Telligent Masonry will help create the desired results in accordance with blueprints. Since its founding in 2006, Telligent Masonry has maintained a strict standard of excellence with respect to the quality of work performed and meeting deadlines.To make sure that it is living up to its high standards, Telligent Masonry determines productivity on a daily basis to assess the viability of adhering to a given schedule. Completing over $18 million worth of construction jobs within the last two years alone, Telligent Masonry staffs approximately 80 to 150 on-site workers as well as 8 office employees to manage the  company’s daily operations. To ensure high levels of safety for workers, all supervisors at Telligent Masonry receive certification in First Aid and CPR, and all possess 30-hour OSHA cards.