Chairman/CEO & Founder

Erskine R. Curry -has always had a life-long career and a core interest in media, telecom, web, wireless and achieving customer excellence -through building global organizations which transcend geographical and political boundaries.

In his capacity as Executive Producer with the Caribbean World Broadcasting Corporation he lead the development of the Caribbean media landscape with the power-move of rolling out a tier-one  OTT platform which brooked the mole with record sales of achieving 60 million subscribers within the first thirty days of its 2015 launch.

With more than 20 years of telecom experience under his belt Curry is a proven expert in the international telephony service provider (ITSP) communication sector.  Mr. Curry has been branded by one Nassau Tribune reporter as being a self-proclaimed "telecom liberator" -for his "bold initiative" of bringing world-class communications services to the Caribbean region -against the plight of localized government monopolies, duopolies, corruption and betrayals of the public trust.

With a vision of reinventing the wheel and crafting legislation AND providing essential facilities and infrastructure to establish a true regional Internet registry (RIR) or top level domain (TLD) which aims to manage the allocation and registration of Internet number resources for the Caribbean region in particular.

ECBIZNET: We provide mobile top-up, retail ready prepaid services, applications and access points for ubiquitous WiFi primarily across North America, selected Africa markets and within the national boundaries of 30 Caribbean nations.