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Freelance writing is my passion. I enjoy crafting articles and researching new topics.


To produce quality content based on the parameters of the assigned task.

To contribute to the process of creating value for the client's chosen output source.

Work Experience

Jun 2014Sep 2015 

Channel Content Writer

LoveToKnow Publishing
Jan 2009Present

Contributing Writer

Create unique content based on article topics chosen from

Article topics vary, but focus on cruise ship travel, healthy living, wine related topics, history, architecture and construction materials and general lifestyle and business topics.

Travel Articles:

Luxury Boutique Hotels in Pacific Heights, San Francisco

Pet-Friendly Hotels in the San Francisco Bay Area

Vacations in the Napa & Sonoma Valleys of California

Biker Bars in Napa Valley

The Best Buffets in Las Vegas for Your Money

Seafood Restaurants in Appleton, Wisconsin

Romantic Restaurants in Richmond, VA

Bus Trips to Washington, DC From Pittsburgh

Train Vacations in USA

The Best Canadian Train Tours 

Escorted Fall Foliage Tours of New England

The Best Alaskan Land Tours

Food and Wine Articles:

Ancient Fig Wine

What Are the Profit Margins in the Food Business?

California Wine-Making Laws

California Wine Laws on the Percentages of Grapes

OxiClean & Wine

Wine Tasting Events in New Jersey

Taco Cabana Franchise Information

Wine Tasting Cruises in New York & New Jersey

Wine Tasting Events in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia

How to Identify Vintage Wine Bottles

Wine Tours of the Rhineland in Germany

How to Pursue a Career as a Sommelier

Banquet Set Up Checklist

Architecture & Construction Articles:

The Architectural Styles of the 1920s and 1930s

Concrete Pipe Classifications

Characteristics of a Forintek Truss

How to Spice Up Safety Training

Classes of Ductile Iron Pipe

Shipping Container Ring Types

Safety Tour Checklist

Grants for Barn Preservation

Retention Guidelines for Construction Projects in Colorado 

Strategies for Releasing Retainage on Construction Contracts

Service-Oriented Architecture Projects

Prolog Construction Management Software Features

Qualifications for a Construction Administrative Assistant 

Essentials of Construction Project Management

Top Paying Jobs in Construction

History & Pop Culture Articles:

Courses in Fortune Telling

Multidimensional Energy Sources

Futuristic Invention Ideas

'50s Female Country Singers

Popular Dances of the 70s & 80s

General Lifestyle Articles: 

Uses for Leftover Resistors

How to Display Utensils on a Finger Food Table at a Wedding

Wood Finish Tips

Aluminum Pipe Projects

Ideas for Garden Design

Healing Plants Found in the Yard

How to Hang an Iron Wine Rack

How to Hang a Tendril Wine Rack

How to Use Wine Barrels as Hardwood Floors

How to Cut Wine Barrels

National Guard Recycling Stations

Truck Camper Ideas

Meal Ideas for Christmas

Tips for Engaged Couples

Laws About Drunk Driving in California

Travel Management Careers

How to Get a Cruise Job

How to Work as a Stylist on a Cruise Ship

Business & Education Articles:

Checklist for a Work Order

How to Adopt an Unlimited Vacation Policy

List of Native American Banks

Strategies to Improve English

Jobs for Over 40's 

Cruise Travel Articles:

The Advantages of a Starboard-Side Cabin on a Cruise Ship

Five Star Luxury Cruises

Whale Cruises in Hawaii

Short Hawaiian Cruises

Exciting Caribbean Cruises

The Best Cruise Trips to Puerto Rico

Cruises Sailing From New York

One-Way Cruises Out of New York, NY

Short Cruises From Tampa

Cruises to Mexico From Tampa

Three to Five Day Cruises to Mexico From California

July Cruises From Seattle

Alaskan Cruises Out of Seattle

Small Alaska Cruises From Seattle

Alaskan Tours & Cruises

San Francisco Cruises

Cruises Leaving Out of San Diego

Cruises Leaving Out of San Francisco

Westbound Transatlantic Cruises

Cruise Vacations From Baltimore

Cruises From the Port in Baltimore, Maryland

Cruises Leaving Out of Maryland

Caribbean Cruises Out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Bargain Cruises in April

The Best Cruises in August - The Baltics

Baltic Cruises From the United Kingdom

Nordic Cruises

Vertrek Haven Costa Cruises

Cruises to Romania in Europe

12 Day Mediterranean Cruises

Quito Cruise Vacations, Galapagos Islands

Cruises to the Philippines from California

Celebrity Cruises to Costa Rica

Royal Caribbean Cruises for 10 Days

Affordable Cruises Departing From Los Angeles

Cruises to Mexico From Los Angeles

Discount Cruises to the Bahamas

The Best Deals on Cruises to Alaska

Cheap Cruises Departing From Seattle 

Affordable Caribbean Cruises

Cheap Cruises to Antigua

Bargain Cruises to Australia

Cruises to Australia From America

Apr 2010Present

Content Writer: Travel

USA Today Online
Jan 2010Present

Contributing Writer

Demand Studios: Houston Chronicle

Travel and Business content writer.

Business articles:

Checklist for a Workorder

Government Energy Saving Grants

How to Spice Up Safety Training

HR Policies in Construction

What Are Standard Open Rates in the Grocery Industry

Career Articles:

Green Facilities Manager Certification

Professions in Work Safety

Qualifications for Becoming an Oiler on a Merchant Marine Ship

Salaries for Graphic Design Assistants

Salary of a Petrophysicist

Salary of a Restaurant Shift Supervisor

The Average Salary of a Guest Services Associate on a Cruise Ship

The Salary of a Maitre D'

The Types of General Contractor Licenses

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Produce travel, lifestyle and business related articles for peer review and informal education.

No formal guidelines, loose form writing on topical subjects.

Travel Articles:

Travel Destination: Napa, CA

Holidays in Tahoe

Winery Tours and Wine Tasting in South Lake Tahoe

Combining Career & Travel -The Top Ways to See the World

Lifestyle Articles:

How to Invest Wisely

How to Recognize Signs of Obesity

Fitness for the Plus Size Woman

Ten Simple Ways to be Green

Business Articles:

How to Gain Employment in the Construction Administration Field

Tips for Women Working in the Construction Trades


Researcher for Q&A format content provider.

Q&A Answers examples:

How much does a gallon of muscadine grapes weigh?

What time of year are wine grapes harvested?

What is the average cost of a trip to Hawaii?


Associate of Arts

Solano College
English Literature